The Triangle

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    The Essay

    By Blinksterboy, Sep 30, 2015

    This hour is a bit bland if the truth be told, but it does see the start of Matthew and Rosemary's relationship so I guess some good comes of it. The romance in question begins as Rosemary is helping John-boy put the finishing touches to an essay: and John-boy is none too thrilled.

    To be truthful, it's a bit of a rubbish love triangle. Surely for it to be a triangle the girl has to be interested in both the blokes? This is just a schoolboy crush. Still, John Ritter's smile is amazing. They should definitely enter him in a grinning contest.

    Ben gets a slightly creepy bodybuilding subplot. It's a little weird to see him flexing and posing at such a young age, but the writers do come back to the topic of him wanting to be bigger a few times so fair play. I laughed out loud when Erin clambered across the roof to try and spy on him.

    The acting is pretty tidy this week, although Richard does look a little embarrassed when John-boy confesses his schoolboy crush. I can understand that. Seriously, who the hell writes an essay about their teacher?moreless

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