The Waltons

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Quotes (459)

  • Closing Narration: Those were lean years and for many Americans a harsh and bitter time. On Walton's Mountain we where sustained with poems and ginger bread and laughter and sharing, but most of all by a remarkable mother and father. The house in which we were born and raised is still there, still home. and on the winds that sigh on those misted Blue Ridge Mountains our voices must echo still.

  • John Boy: When you're sad the tears come.

  • John Boy: I guess I never though much about that before ….. what it must be like not to hear radios or birds singing or people laughing. So much beauty in the world just to hear, it's sad you're going to miss all that.

  • Elizabeth: Daddy where did you find me? John: Hiding behind one of your mama’s smiles.

  • John: They're giving her a scrubbing which she doesn’t much like.

  • John Boy: Now where are you going my pretty maid, a milking sir she said. In the books its always the girls that milk the cows. Grandpa: Just goes to show you shouldn’t believe everything your read in books.

  • Opening Narration: When I was growing up during the Depression I lived with my red headed brothers and sisters, my parents and grandparents at the foot a mountain which had been in our family for generations. My father used to say in our house there was always room for one more and I remember one morning when his hospitality was put to a challenging test.

  • Opening Narration: Few strangers ever came to Walton's Mountain. We got our news of the outside world from the radio or an occasional copy of a magazine. But I remember, when I was about seventeen, four visitors arrived and gave me my first unexpected glimpse of the other world beyond our mountain.

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Notes (227)

  • Andrew Duggan played John Walton and Edgar Burgen played Grandpa Walton in this episode and by the next episode and for the of the series Ralph Waite played John Walton and Will Geer played Grandpa Walton.

  • Patricia Neal was Olivia Walton in this episode, and was replaced by Miss Michael Learned in the next episode and for the rest of the series.

  • The original pilot has not aired in Germany.

  • The script for this episode was published in On The Air: a collection of radio and TV plays, eds. Sylvia Z. Brodkin and Elizabeth J. Pearson. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1977 (221–66).

  • The German episode title is "Der Wanderzirkus", meaning "The Travelling Circus".

  • The characters of Hawthorne and Charley originated in "The Homecoming". They were never seen again.

  • The German episode title is "John-Boys erste Jagd", meaning "John-Boy's First Hunt".

  • The German episode title is "Es steht in den Sternen", meaning "It's in the Stars".

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Trivia (33)

  • At least part of this episode takes place on 10th March 1933, as witnessed by the report of the Long Beach earthquake on the radio.  This is the first episode to which a specific date can be ascribed.

  • In the closing narration, John-boy states that they never saw nor heard from AJ Covington again.  In fact, AJ Covington appears in two further episodes: The Abdication and The Achievement.

  • In this episode we learn that Zeb had a brother named Matt Walton who was a drifter. Cora Denby is Matt’s daughter.

  • As the crowd gathers for Alvira's show, we see Ike enter the theater (his store) and talk to Grandpa, who's taking tickets near the door. In the next shot, we see Olivia and John talking, sitting on the front bench of the audience. Ike's head is visible in the row behind Olivia; he's turned and speaking to a Baldwin sister. The next shot is a wide shot of the audience, and it shows Ike just arriving, walking in front of Olivia and John and around to sit in that second row by the Baldwins.

  • When the father walks into the school room, he clearly writes the word REPENT in all caps on the board. If you look carefully, it is still the original "REPENT" from the far camera angle, but when it switches to the zoom-in on the teacher, you can tell the word has been rewritten. For example, notice the first "E" is now smaller.

  • Jim Bob does not appear in this episode, making this the first hour not to feature all the main Walton characters.

  • Ellen Corby, who plays Esther Walton, wrote the story for this episode.  At the barn dance, Esther is shown dancing with a man named Fred Hansen.  Hansen was Ellen's maiden name.

  • Olivia serves Jody cookies in a bowl, but his close-ups show the cookies on a plate.

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