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    Seems like I'll love it

    By anastasia1243, Jul 28, 2015

    And what do you know, years later, I catch it late night on BET. It's quite amusing, funny and occassionally hilarious, great characters. I find myself laughing so hard I'm crying. You hardly see that in sitcoms nowadays. And it's rather simple in its concept. The meaning of a sitcom: do silly, outlandish scenarios. Marlon's my favorite.

    1st ep, 20-25 various other ep (09, Apr-July 2015) UTube, BET

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    A Classic Comedy to See!

    By T_VFan, Apr 30, 2012

    If you are looking for the best, laidback jokes on television safe for youngsters and the family, meet the Wayan Bros! Together or separate in scenes...they are a hilarious bunch. I watched them for quite a while and always had a splendid time. They were easygoing actors with a deep mission to make you laugh at least 3 times while watching each episode. I wish tv was just as easygoing and laidback as the Wayan Bros. characters were... they were really good roleplayers.moreless

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    A good show but also a little cheesy

    By artremease, Feb 11, 2012

    I think this show was a good show that didn't receive any recognition or proper season finale but it was also a little cheesy.

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    This show is great!!

    By jason43224, Dec 21, 2010

    Were brothers, were happy and were singing and were colored give me high five!!! Back before the wayans brothers made crappy music was this funny sitcom. Remember at the end of Scary Movie "The wayans brothers was a good show and they didn't even give us a final episode." Which sucks, it happens to a lot of great shows not ending with a finale. This show revolves around the wayans brothers and their father. It is a very funny program but has its bad episodes so if you think about checking it out i suggest starting from season one. It's on cable everydaymoreless

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    It was really funny.

    By cactusjack39, Jan 30, 2009

    I haven't see all the episodes but I have watched enough to know that The Wayans Bros is funny. I don't usually like sitcoms, but the 90's had some of the very best. Too bad television isn't what is used to be. The show had some good comedy and had some good acting from some choice characters. I thought that Pop was a good actor and the black female cop was also decent. My favorite charcters was nobody. I think that they were all the same to me in terms of having any favorites. Overall, this was an entertaining show to say the least. Thank you.moreless

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    it's basically a summary of a show ive been watching since i was young, and is still fresh, the comedy still relates to our times.

    By NotoriousAGC, Jul 14, 2007

    I have been watching this show since i was in junior high. I remember the wayans bros being famous for their show before the Scary movie trilogies came out, even Dont be a menace. This show is still one of my favorites because it also stars John Witherspoon one of my favorite actors/comedians of all time. The shows formula is as any other sitcom except they're brothers who own their little newsstand. The fast snaps make this show one of my all-time favorites and this was the show that launched the wayans bros into two of the most recognized comedians.moreless

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    This show is realisticly funny.

    By RJ_Princess1, Jul 10, 2007

    I love this show. I watch it on bet every morning and sometimes in the after noon. It is so funny, and realistc and unique. They also make fun of celebrities that we can laugh at. the metaphors are funny too. I absolte adore the cast. they are nice looking and funny. They are naturally great actors. not in just funny situation but they are also good in drama. I never seen one in a horror flick but Im sure they were great in it! They are just laugh out loud, keeps you crackin up! the show is a two-thumbs up. people watch it and love it. I love it too!moreless

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    This is a good show to watch. It really makes me laugh. This is one of my favorite comedy show. This show is a classic. The characters is crazy on the stuff they do. I've watch just about all of the episodes. I can keep watch the same episode all day.

    By thachamp15, Jun 25, 2007

    This is a good show to watch. It really makes me laugh. This is one of my favorite comedy show. This show is a classic. The characters is crazy on the stuff they do. I've watch just about all of the episodes. I can keep watch the same episode all day.

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    Really good!

    By da_dunker, May 06, 2007

    I like the show, it's not bad. It's quite old, but nonetheless, it's good. Especially the Wayans bros, they're very funny. Or the best parts when they smack their dad, and he takes off the belt, and starts beating them with it. lmao, good stuff. It's on BET sometimes,it's time well spent. The show didn't go on very long, i think from 1994, to 1999, something like that. I'm not sure.

    However, it's a really good show. I haven't watched it much, but from the few shows i've seen it's really funny. There's some drama, but not much. Mostly laughter. Hey, no comment there. That's the best part.

    So, should you watch Wayans bros, i think you should. There's just so much laughter, and all kinds off stuff. So give it a shot.moreless

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    My God i loved the wayans brothers, everything they did was so funny. i can remember every wednesday night on the wb watching that frog and the wayans next to it. every single episode was hilarious.

    By IseeAntwan, Apr 10, 2007

    I will definitely miss the wayans brothers with pops and his bang bangs! shawn & marlon was too hilarious individuals. i don't know who wrote for them but it was so funny but, how it ended was so unfair to everyone. i hated how they ended. they didn't know it was going to end and no one else did ether. it wasn't even like an ending show it was just a regular funny show it the next week it wasn't any new one and then it just stoped. They've been making movies but the movies are just not the same as this show. it was an awesome show and i just wish someone who give them another show like this. i will definitely miss the show.moreless

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