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  • After this and two additional episodes were completed, NBC's brilliant executives decided a show called Cursed would be so much better if, you know, nobody was cursed. When they said they didn't like the scripts that were coming in (this, from the network that gave us Wind on Water), executive producers/creators Nat Bernstein and Mitchel Katlin took them to task over this -- and promptly got axed from their own series. NBC then brought in Ira Ungerleider and Adam Chase (of Friends and Jesse) to make Cursed... well, just like Friends and Jesse. And so in their mission to appease programming wunderkind Garth Ancier and make all of NBC's must see sitcoms look exactly alike, half of the pilot was refilmed and both of the other two episodes that Katlin and Bernstein shot (as well as a couple scripts that they didn't) were discarded. It wasn't long before the concept ...and then the title ...and then the show were gone as well. As you'll see later on in the guide, the two discarded episodes were eventually burned off in late night -- possibly because ATG had a must-air contract.

  • a.k.a. "Pretzels" and "...and then they got a pretzel"

  • a.k.a. "...and then the bird was too abstract"

  • This was the first episode to air as The Weber Show, although I believe "...and then Wendell wore candy stripes" was the first episode filmed that way.

  • a.k.a. "...and then Larry motorized the sidecar"

  • a.k.a. "Unattainable Woman"

  • Whoopi Goldberg is credited at the beggining of the episode, even though she's a guest. This is the only time in the show that it happens.

  • Originally scheduled to air on April 5, 2001, as NBC had planned to skip (or not air) "...and then Jack became the voice of the Cougars."

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