The Wild Wild West (1969)

The Night of the Murderous Spring

Season 1, Ep 27, Aired 4/15/66
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  • Episode Description
  • West helps a powerfully-built woman carry her trunk, not knowing it contains his nemesis, Dr. Loveless. After he leaves off the doctor, he begins to act strangely, and ends up shooting Artie dead.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Leonard Falk


  • Gene L. Coon

  • Leonard Katzman

  • Bill McLean

    Hotel Clerk

  • Cy Brooskin

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  • Quotes (12)

    • Loveless: Oh, Kitten, the things that are going to happen to his mind are fantastic. The strange things he'll see. I've just shoved him through a door into a world without rhyme or reason. His eyes will believe what his mind tells him too, and oh, what his mind will say. Just imagine. Now I'm finally powerful enough to control the mind of the invincible James West. Those whom the gods will destroy, they first make mad.

    • Loveless: Oh, Kitten, it's so amusing the way men pride themselves on being civilized. But just four ounces of this, mixed with water, absorbed through the skin, and goodbye adieu ta-ta to all that veneer of civilization they prize so highly. Dissolved. And what emerges is the true nature of man. That primitive, murderous animal he really is, with absolutely no control over his feelings. A selfish beast. (checks the chocolate box) I.. wanted a candy, Kitten, and you've eaten all of them. Now I had my heart set on that. Ooh, fudge! Fudge, fudge! Fudge!

    • Loveless: Not even a hello, Mr. West? I for one am overjoyed to see you. So much so that perhaps I shan't even kill you right at this moment. I'll wait ten seconds or so, perhaps. Time enough for me to sit here and enjoy your company. Ten precious seconds.

    • Loveless: Ultimately we are all prisoners, are we not, Mr. West? Because we cannot escape ourselves. Stone walls are never so much a prison as the skin that surrounds each of us. Man's fate. My friend there is a deaf-mute.

    • Jim: I thought I shot you. Artie: Well, you've done a lot of things to me in your time, but you never got around to that.

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    Notes (6)

    • Commerical breaks: Dr. Loveless (ll), Jim unconscious (ur), Artie (lr), the lake (ul)

    • Michael Dunn was almost killed during the boat-sinking incident: he insisted on doing the scene himself, and caught his clothing on the boat as it began to sink.

    • Series creator Michael Garrison sent Jenie Jackson a letter stating that her performance as Kitten "is one of the finest in this or any other season."

    • Does that little lagoon look familiar? It should. It was the cement, man-made lake used for Gilligan's Island.

    • Michael Dunn appears in a wheelchair in the opening scene due to a leg injury that occurred during filming. Dunn injured his leg in a fall during the climactic chicken-coop scene, which was actually the first sequence filmed.

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    Trivia (1)

    • Kitty arrives at the hotel and checks in, and it's clear that she hasn't been to the hotel before, and the clerk isn't expecting her. Despite that, her room comes complete with a one-way mirror and concealed panel, that permits secret viewing of the room next door.

    Allusions (1)

    • Loveless: Those whom the gods will destroy, they first make mad. Referencing the ancient Greek play Phrixus by Euripedes. The original quote is "Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad."

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