The Wind in the Willows

ITV (ended 1990)
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  • S 5 : Ep 14

    Toad: Film Maker


  • S 5 : Ep 13

    Film Maker


  • S 5 : Ep 13

    Toad in Love


  • S 5 : Ep 12

    A Toad in Time


  • S 5 : Ep 11

    Happy Birthday!


  • Cast & Crew
  • Michael Hordern


  • Peter Sallis

    Rat (series)

  • David Jason

    Toad, Chief Weasel, Billy Rabbit

  • Richard Pearson


  • Ian Carmichael

    Rat (movie only), Narrator

  • show Description
  • Welcome to The Wind in the Willows guide at! The series was made not with 'claymation', but rather with very expensive models made from latex foam. Combined with superb animation, the result was often so realistic you can forget that the characters are not alive.

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  • Quotes (4)

    • Narrator: There is nothing more frightening than even a familiar river at night. Field-mice are not the best of swimmers, and Billy, for all his daring, was quite the worst swimmer of them all.

    • Toad: (after his chemistry set explodes) O, horror! Despair! Dreams shattered! Ambitions cast down! Suit absolutely ruined! No more chemistry, no chateau Toad Hall, no silver cup! (suddenly alert) Unless...un-leesss... (he looks towards a door bearing the words "Wine Cellar")

    • Rat: What do you think he's suffering from, Badger? Badger: Well, if I know Toad, self-indulgence and an over-active imagination! Rat: Oh? You mean you don't think he's ill at all? Mole: You don't mean he's just pretending to be ill, Badger? Badger: Well, no, not altogether. I'm sure he believes he's at death's door! But Toad would believe anything that made him the centre of attraction!

    • Badger: And, as a result of eating it (the toadstool), Mole is very ill. Very ill indeed! Ernest: He...he's not going to...die, is he, sir? Badger: That is something that we must prevent, young Ernest.

    Notes (8)

    • At the end, we see Toad flying in a biplane. This isn't the first time though, because Toad (along with his horse companion) was flying the Wright Brothers plane in the Disney version.

    • After Toad jumps of the train, he goes to Rat home at the Riverbank. Other stories about his adventures were left out only for the first episode.

    • The weasels take over Toad Hall after knocking out Badger and throwing him out into the cold. In the book and some of the other movies, Mole was with him.

    • When Badger, Rat, and Mole go to Toad Hall to have Toad put an end to his motoring insanity, they visit in him in the winter. In the book and other movies, they visit him in the spring.

    • When Rat and Mole have a picnic, the weasels appear. In the book however, no such meeting took place.

    • Mole and Rat are the only regular characters that appear in this episode.

    • This episode features the first of many explosions to occur at Toad Hall.

    • When Toad's camera arrives, the address on the package is: Mr. Toad Toad Hall The Riverbank Berkshire

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    Trivia (6)

    • Featured song: "The Ghouls and Ghosts and Spirits of Toads From Long, Long Ago".

    • Not a mistake, but something to look out for... When Toad is dressing in his bedroom, hanging to the right of his dressing-table mirror is a technical plan showing the inner workings of the model head of Toad.

    • Badger claims that Toad has spotted Halley's Comet two years early. If he is accurate, this episode took place in 1908. Yet in a much earlier episode, 'The Grand Annual Show', the year is 1909.

    • When Toad gos out to his stables, the canary-coloured caravan is still in his courtyard. Yet the caravan had been stranded in the countryside long ago, and the field mice made it their home.

    • In this movie special, the field mice are kicked out of their caravan home by the imposter Toad. Billy Rabbit, according to this special, lives as an orphan with the field mice. However, this is at odds with both previous and later episodes, where Billy mentions, and is once even shown with, his parents. They, along with Billy's grandmother, live in the Wild Wood.

    • In this episode Badger says that his birthday is March 2nd. Yet in an earlier episode, 'The Storm', the narrator clearly states that Badger was born on the first day of spring - March 1st.

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  • very nicely done ...

    By xGowronx, Jan 25, 2006