The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

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Quotes (7)

  • (The Gang arrive at the Emerald Ciy gates, only to be turned away by the Guadrian.)
    Guardian: Nobody see's the wizard, even I have never seen him! Not that I want to
    Dorothy: (downcast) Now I'll NEVER get home....
    Guardian: I'm sorry.
    (The Kiss mark on Dorothy's forehead glows as the Witch of the North speaks through it)
    Good Witch of the North: Let them in, Guardian! The Witch of the North commands you.
    Guardian: (Hypnotized) I shall do as you command, Oh, Witch.
    (The others blink in confusion as they didn't hear the witch speak, while the guardian goes to open the door.)

  • (Sensing trouble, The Wicked Witch rushes through her manor, until she comes into a room with a large looming mirror)
    Wicked Witch: Magic Mirror, Ever so Tall! Oh, Tell Me! Tell Me! Tell me All! Trouble is near, that I know. (Waves hands in front of her eyes, which proceed to glow blood red) Who or What I want you to Show, show, show!!
    (Instantly the reflection of the room and the witch fade away, to reveal Dorothy, The Tin Woodsman, Scarecrow and Cowardly lion walking towards her manor)
    Wicked Witch: THAT'S Trouble!? (Incredulous her eyes stop glowing red) Come on, Mirror, what kinda trouble is that?

  • (The Wicked Witch of the West is shown admiring the fortress being built by the Winkies)
    Wicked Witch: Ahh! The house of Evil, my beautiful, Dark Brooding Fortress! (Cackles) When it is completed it shall be my headquarters for conquering OZ!!
    (The Wicked Witch Begins laughing wickedly, before she stops touching her chest in pain)
    Wicked Witch: What's this!? I've got that old feeling, that old feeling that means...TROUBLE!!

  • Wicked Witch: Give me those shoes, NOW!!
    Dorothy: OH! (Frightened of the Witch, she hurls her potatoe peeler and potatoe at her) UMPH!
    Wicked WItch: HA! (The WItch disintergrates the objects thrown at her, she advances closer to Dorothy.) Hahaha-AHH!!
    (The Witch covers her eyes as a white and red light glows, blidinging her, allowing Dorothy to rush and hide under a table. The Witch turns to glare at her but stops on seeing the good witch of the North's kiss glowing on her forehead.)
    Wicked Witch: (frustrated growl) RAARRR!! (She storms out of the kitchen, frightening the winkie gaurd outside) If she think's I'm giving up so easily, then she's sorely mistaken!!
    Winkie Guard: (scared) Uh...Right!

  • (The Wicked Witch comes into the Kitchen, but steps back gasping when she see's the uncovered water jar lid)
    Wicked Witch: WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!??!? NEVER leave the lid off this Water Jar!!
    Dorothy: (frowns confused) But...It's empty.
    Wicked Witch: WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES THAT MAKE!? The Lid Always Stays On!!

  • (Dorothy finds the Wicked Witch of the West Golden Cap)
    Dorothy: (Looks inside) Strange, there appears to be writing in it. I wonder what it says?
    (The Kiss of The Good Witch of The North glows on her forehead and the voice of the Witch translates for Dorothy)
    Good Witch Voice: "Who so ever wears this Cap, commands the Winged Monkey's power. What So Ever Task You Set, They Shall Complete Within The Hour."

  • Jack: Oh, I wish the crows would leave. It’s tough to relax when you know they want fresh pumpkin for supper. Crows screech in agreement. Jack: Go on! Shoo! Scat! Scarecrow: I’ll take care of them, Jack. Remember, crows are my specialty. *at the crows* Alright, break it up you guys or I’ll scare you into the middle of next week! (crows cackle with laughter) Scarecrow: Oh, no respect. I’ll get ‘em when I dry out.

Notes (2)

  • Running gag: Scarecrow repeatedly says in this episode he doesn't have a brain.

  • This is the final episode in which Jack Pumpkinhead, appears in the series. He is to accompany Ozma, back to the Emerald City. In episodes 42 - 52 (based on the book, "The Emerald City Of Oz"), when the story is centered in the Emerald City, Jack's absence is never explained, nor is he ever made mention of, again.