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    read on please...biggest disney movies fan ever.......

    By pinkgirl_41, Jul 25, 2006

    i don't actually get why this is classed as a show but yeah i saw it on someones faves so thought i'd put it on!this show is the best!(if you would call it a show that is)ummm the movies are the best!both old and new!i love new!but classic never dies either.i basicly have watched all the movies ummmmmm yeah pretty much some classics i have never seen before like um bedknobs and broomsticks and um the sword in the stone and stuff but yeah i have seen most.these movies (new ones i'm more talking about)are just fantastic!my fave is hsm for a disney channel movie but the movies are all great cos it is just so fun to watch you never get tired of watching the cheetah girls and high school musical and stuck in the suburbs and a whole bunch of others trust me i have seen some of the disney channel original movies like more than a million times!ok maybe thats a little exageratted hmmmmmm about 20-25 idk just alot!lol.byeeee.moreless

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