The Wonderful World of Disney (1997)

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  • Buzz Lightyear: To infinity, and beyond!

  • Duncan: From now on I'm drivin', 'k?

  • Janine: We'll, uh, we'll switch for a week. Until Friday. All we have to do is swap the key stats of our lives and voila. Alex: You really think we can pull this off. Janine: As easily as an angora sweater during a quick change.

  • Shirley: How come my Oscar is smaller than everyone else's? Mrs. Temple: They made it special just for you. You made more movies than anyone else last year. Shirley: Then shouldn't my Oscar be the biggest one?

  • Shirley: (at age 16, after getting her first adult role all on her own) What's the matter, Mom? Mrs. Temple: You don't need us anymore. Shirley: I do need you. I need you to love me, just like you always have. I'm never going to stop needing that, Mom--not ever.

  • Shirley: (filming a scene for "The Little Colonel") "Teached" isn't right, is it? Lionel Barrymore: No. "Taught" is correct. Shirley: Taught, then. What was her name? Lionel Barrymore: (long pause, calls out to director) Line! Shirley: (whispers to him) "Her name was Amintus." Lionel Barrymore: I've been in this business 30 years! Maybe you'd like to play both parts. (storms off)

  • This aired in 3 parts.

  • Brenda: John! Im up here! Take my hand! Scolex: Hi John how ya doin down there?

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Notes (62)

  • This movie is orginally 81 minutes long.

  • Airs again on 10/11/03!

  • This movie is orginally 84 minutes long.

  • This movie is originally 72 minutes long.

  • Based on a character appearing in Archie Comics starting in 1962.

  • Salem was turned into a cat by casting a love spell, Not because he tried to take over the world.

  • The part of Hilda and Zelda are played by Beth Broderick and Caroline Rhea in the actual tv series.

  • This was done as an original Showtime movie.

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Trivia (11)

  • When Woody is trapped under the crate with the toolbox over it, if you look closely when Buzz is trying to get the toolbox off the crate, you\'ll see the toolbox reads Binford. Tim Allen who voices Buzz Lightyear previously starred in the TV sitcom Home Inprovement where he worked for Binford Tools.

  • Ashley Rose Orr played Shirley from ages 4 to 12 in the film.

  • Shirley: People will still go to my movies, even if they didn't like this one, won't they? Mrs. Temple: Just because the critics didn't like it doesn't mean the audience won't. And you know it's never been about your movies. It's always been about you.

  • Daniel Stern, who played Marv in the first two films, was asked to reprise his role in this one, but quickly refused, calling it "an insult, total garbage."

  • Why the kids act as if this is the house they grew up in? In the last episode of the original series, the Seavers moved to Washington. The only one of the kids that should be emotionally attached is Chrissy, since she was only five when the series ended. Mike, Carol, and Ben were already grown by that time.

  • No, at the end of the last movie Carol got married and Ben is seen with a girlfriend, but nothing was said or done to insinuate that Ben and this girl got married.

  • How did smashing the door they threw Randall in keep him from escaping? It would just close that door, not the others...

  • This movie was made by Warner Bros., not Disney

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  • Michelle (Mike's Daughter): "It's not like Leonardo DiCaprio wore it"
    Leo DiCaprio got his start on "Growing Pains" as an orphan, Luke, who lives with the Seavers. He did, in fact, wear the jacket.