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    Great Program

    By rogerstillstone, Oct 30, 2014

    This my most favorite singing competition and I actually been enjoying watching Season 11 (the first season to debut in Canada). Most of my favorite singers (Olly Murs, Cher Lloyd, One Direction and Little Mix) have come from the X Factor. Which makes it even more special for me.

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    End the evil empire of X Factor

    By SMCKAY94, Nov 24, 2013

    This is still not only one of the most annoying programmes still on British TV but also one of the worst ever made. Yeah there have been some decent acts to come off the show but now the producers are more obsessed in deliberately causing controversies because 1 it generates headlines, 2 increases the ratings and 3 humiliate people as cruelly as possible. Worst of all they have renewed it for ANOTHER 3 YEARS. 3 FUCKING YEARS get a grip ITV.

    Cowell should take a hint, strictly is going to continue to kick his ass even when Sir Brucie retires so do the decent thing and scrap this piece of shit and make something unconnected to reality TV.

    DEATH TO THE X FACTOR!!!!moreless

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    Love this show.

    By CristinaMccan, Jun 02, 2012

    I always loved this show but I have 1 question?Why do they keep switching judges all the time.And from season 1-7 the people with the same type of style kept winning but after season 8 there was finally a change of music style according to the singer(s).But overall I love the X Factor.

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    I watch this show via Youtube and...

    By T_VFan, Apr 29, 2012

    the quality is just as great! Everyone thinks Americans may have the best vocal talent searches, but this show proves otherwise. Like, the stage is so futuristic looking comparison to what we have here. Much larger too... as the taping crowd too. I find hot music to listen to here when I'm bored with American music... very, very different. Simon will always remain fierce. So is the competition and talent on here. Amazing!

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    You can always count on some good singing the odd laugh and some tension, but X factor is an abusive circus.

    By CellBlocknutter, Nov 12, 2010

    What do I mean abuse? Well just about in every way, it emotioally abuses us, and if you a fool who votes thier abusing your pocket! But of course I mean towards the main auditionees, all of which are hand picked. if 100,000 turned up to audition you can bet the judges say 1,000 MAX. So that means every idiot loser and deluded person was hand picked to be made a fool of for our amusement. I dont know about you but I call that abuse.

    I must say I suspect the show is rigged too. It's all too stage managed to believe anything is this show is genuine, well excpet the humiliating tripe that comes out of Dannii and Louis mouth. Danniis great but she really needs to just speak NORMAL!

    Simon has now come painfully predictable in all his comments, and the fact that the show becomes more about the judges than the contestants I think proves my circus comment, the acts are the judges props...Ill let you decide who is the elephant and who is the monkey.

    The over hyping of everything is unbearable too. Everytime someone walks onto the stage the lights across Britain flicker! When last years winner was announced Wales was hit by a powercut. It all a bit to much, I like good presentation, but if this show is to continue for a decade fossils fuels are going to run out a lot faster.

    The whole emotional rollercoaster of each contestant jouney is about as genuine as Dermot O'Learys attempts at looking interested in the show or the contestants.

    The Booing audience followed by Cowells scowl has become tiresome. Although haviong saw the twins get booed I had to laugh. All in all this is good background noise on a dull saturday night, but its tripe, a joke totally fake and a complete insult.moreless

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    when are these shows going to end

    By uk_stevie, Nov 12, 2010

    really i just dont get these type of shows i find them so boring i really dont care about sad people trying to get there moment of fame my girlfriend love these shows and when i watch them i think how gay are these people. in my eyes they put these shows on so they dont have to pay big money to pay for a good tv show when thats really what people want. think about if there was a good tv show on would you really watch x factor or big brother 90 fecking 9 who cares now i really have to say i watch the fun 1s when the people who cant sing i think they should just show them then end it for the year maybe more people would watchmoreless

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    By angim350, Sep 10, 2010

    Can I just say how when this show first started I was addicted. It was brilliant! The format was very much copied off Pop Idol but that made little difference... this show was superb. Back when Simon Cowell got away with being a prick on tv. Then after 2007... it all went downhill. Fast.

    This show is a complete and utter shadow of its formal self. Sure... they have spent about a trillion pound on it this year hiring celebrity guests and packing out arenas up and down the country but they can't glamour it up enough to hide the obvious truth. This show is a talent competition, where the so called "best" singers in the country sing for your vote. Best??? Best??? That right there is a joke. Not that I am insulting the contestants... they only want to improve there lives by recording a million pound song... I mean who dosen't? It's 100% the Judges. They put through people on whether or not they are "cute" instead of singing ability (Lloyd this year, Eoghan last year and don't even mention Leon Jackson). This show is not a talent competition but a ruse to get people's money. Simon Cowell knows exactly what he is doing. The trouble is... this show is all about finding that one special person and instead week after week better singers are voted out so abysmal singers can remain. Its unfair and it makes a mockery of what the show stands for. I can sum up this example in one word... JEDWARD! And the sob stories... christ the sob stories. I don't care if you've had a hard life! Haven't we all? It's supposed to be Saturday (and now Sunday) night entertainment to escape the hardship of weekly life so I don't want to hear how hard things are for you!! Ultimately I have completly lost faith in this show. I can't see why anyone would audition. Each year is purley to fill Cowell's pocket up with more money, meaning he will soon have more money than God. A shambles of a show and a joke. Fixed from the start for the most money and drama. This year especially... this show has lost its sparkle.moreless

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    When you first start watching it it seems ok but after watching a few series or episodes it just starts to feel very repetitive.

    By exactimondi, Sep 10, 2010

    i started watching x-factor a few years ago, quite enjoying it. But the next series i watched i found myself just not bothering as it seemed exactly like the previous year.

    It had the same sort of structure bad and good acts in the auditions with no surprises or laughs. Everything about it was predictable.

    Then when the live bits came i totally gave up, there were the same sob stories, put there to make us feel bad and the same songs being sung. It was all too repetitive and boring for me.

    I understand why people go onto these shows, either because they genuinely want to show their talent or unfortunatley because they are so desperate for their few seconds of fame.

    Many seem to enjoy all this but for me though many programmes are preferable to watching the "x factor". :Pmoreless

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    A Talant show (Singing)

    By Ellison-16, Aug 27, 2010

    The show is simply a talant singing show where four judges Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole (New, Took over from Sharon Osbourne) take spot in various locations all aroung the United Kingdom (Britain) and listen to people from teens to OAP's and groups sing and judge them to see if the are able to advance to the next stage of the competition. They then take their contestant to a remonte location getaway and then pick three each to enter the live stage where week after week 1 act is eliminated until you have your winner. I think the show is quite drole (Boring) but that is just my opinion.moreless

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    This show was great ever since I started watching it in Series 2..

    By PokeSponge123, Aug 27, 2010

    However, once it turned into more of The Catfight Factor, the show became a little less enjoyable. But I think replacing Cheryl with Sharron was a good choice, and I'm really enjoying this year so far! This is a talent show for singing, but half the time the judges Louis Walsh, Danni Minogue, Simon Cowell and new judge Cheryl Cole (so damn hot) are just bickering over whatever.

    The emotion actually makes me laugh rather than cry as it's pathetic watching stupid prats that are tone deaf make a fool of themselves. So, this is a hillarious show, and is my weekly dose of Saturday Night entertainment. I'm hooked, and there's no unhooking me!

    Grade: A


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