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  • 8.5

    A minute's more than I care to give.

    By mortalexplorer, Jun 22, 2015

    A well written and directed piece of science fiction. Tony Todd was a superb casting choice who delivered a cold yet sympathetic performance. Chris Carter picked a great episode to introduce two characters who would turn out to be staples of the show. It's furthermore interesting to read that Steven Williams wasn't the original casting choice for X, but Natalija Nogulich. I'm glad they stuck with Williams.

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    By TrueTvWatcher, May 29, 2012

    Sleepless was another perfect episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because the story blended all the elements that make this show fun to watch. There was action and drama, intrigue and mystery. It was interesting to meet Agent Krycek and to see Mulder meet X. Scully of course helps the case Krycek and Mulder are working on. The story about the soldiers was interesting and a great concept. I loved the ending when Krycek met with shadowy figures presumably higher ups in the F.B.I. and it was interesting to see the Cigarette smoking man among them. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    Cute not so innocent agent Krycek

    By mrsKrycek, Apr 25, 2009

    Krycek is soooo hot! okay now that im done with that-

    Mulder reluctantly accepts a new partner, Agent Alex Krycek, and requests a strange case because someone put an audio tape in his morning paper. When his request is granted they investigate the deaths of several Green Beret soldiers who participated in a sleep deprivation experiment during the Vietnam war. But before long it becomes clear that not one of these men have slept in over 20 years. mulder and krycek have an uncomfortable relationship. mulder doesn't like krycek, and krycek is sick of being ditched like someones bad date.moreless

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  • 8.5

    We meet Krycek... And his hidden agenda

    By OnePerCentClub, Sep 21, 2008

    Trust no one. It seemed like Mulder didn't follow this advice when he meets Krycek and isn't careful enough to hide the top secret documents in a safer place. The whole story about creating better soldiers by don't allowing them to sleep ever again is not that bad at all. But I guess is physically impossible since sleep in basic in human beings life. But again, it's believable and it was well written.

    Mulder continues to look for Scully's opinion and approval and she looks eager to help him, to not let him get "lost".

    So Krycek is not who we think he is (and he is a coward). Mulder made a huge mistake in taking him to Scully. He's with Cancer Man, and the tattletale tells CSM that Scully is a problem. "Every problem has a solution" is his answer. And he will take care of it.

    Mulder knew what was coming, he knew something bad was going on and he wasn't careful.moreless

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  • 9.2

    Pivotal stuff

    By RJNeb2, May 28, 2007

    There is a little moment in the midst of the excitement of this thrilling episode (no 4 in Season 2, and the fourth excellent episode in a run) that cuts through the plot and reveals the human side of “The X Files”. Mulder and Scully are having one of their inevitable cellphone conversations when she comments that his new partnership with rookie agent Alex Krycek seems to be working out well and he quips back that it’s nice not having everything he does questioned. And then the two of them lapse into a short silence as they both realise how desperately much they miss each other. No huge chunks of expository dialogue required, just a short silence that tells us acres of information about how close these two agents have become. And this is further underlined when at the end of the episode, Scully asks Mulder if he trusts his new informant and Mulder can’t answer – the implication being all too clear that there is only one person he can trust. Which is all for the better really, considering that this episode ends with what can only be described as a shocking revelation. But we’ll come back to that.

    There’s a hell of a lot going on in “Sleepless” that it’s to everyone’s credit that it’s all accomplished within the 45 minute timeframe. Not content with treating us to a truly enthralling X File about some Vietnam vets, operated on during the war, who have had their ability to sleep surgically removed, the episode premise broadens out to encompass just where such a “gift” might take you. The hallucinatory quality of Augustus Cole’s predicament (and only him, mind, none of the other vets are so hellbent on revenge to have acquired this skill) adds yet another wrinkle to the plot. One too many, some might argue, but not really. It adds some justification to his murderous spree. Whilst also giving us some cool ways for people to die. (As a footnote, the fact that the sleepless soldiers experiment can ultimately be judged to be a failure makes an interesting counterpoint to the more successful experiment of supersoldiers which is Season 9’s mytharc.)

    On top of this, we have the introduction of Krycek. Mulder of course is almost hostilely resistant to the idea of being given another agent to work with, especially one so apparently green. But the truth of the matter is that Skinner was well within his rights to give the case to Krycek seeing as he genuinely unearthed it, and didn’t spuriously come across it thanks to some anonymous tip-off in the way that Mulder did. Krycek himself is keen and persistent and proves to be sufficiently dogged in his attempts to keep up with Mulder that he has to relent and let him in. Interestingly, when Mulder does expound his wacko theory, Krycek’s reaction is not one of scepticism but of acceptance. More interestingly, this doesn’t enthuse Mulder. It’s almost as if he needs Scully’s resistance and questioning attitude to help him enlarge and strengthen his own theories. Furthermore, into the heady mix concocted for this episode, we have the first appearance of X, Mulder’s new high-echelon informant. In only one scene, actor Steven Williams brings a brutish intensity to his part. Gone is the avuncular chumminess of Deep Throat, X seems like a much more dangerous and subversive character. What Mulder must make of him can only be surmised, for he’s not yet at liberty to trust him, though the file that X hands over is crucial in the cracking of the case. Except the case is not cracked. Augustus Cole may now finally be able to sleep, but all evidence from both Mulder and Scully’s ends of the investigation disappear, leaving them with nothing. Quite why this particular case warrants such close attention from the mysterious powers that be is rather odd, and presumably Skinner would be wondering what his two newly assigned agents have been working on, but that is all actually immaterial. It opens the door to a piece of double-crossing subterfuge that none of us saw coming. Krycek is working in league with the Cigarette Smoking Man. Not only that, but they are working together to destroy the X Files and presumably Mulder himself. With the disbandment of the X Files at the end of Season 1, we all naturally assumed that this was merely a temporary measure and that Mulder and Scully would be together again. Indeed it hasn’t proved to be too big an impediment thus far. But Krycek’s chilling words to CSM that “Scully is a much larger problem” (she certainly is at 8 months pregnant!) indicate that there is now a very real element of danger. Now we are really uncertain about the fate of our two lead characters. So “Sleepless” is an instrumental – and riveting – episode in laying down the groundwork for the next few episodes and the introduction of the show’s mythology, when the programme would attain some extraordinary creative heights. 9/10moreless

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    No sleep make soldiers bad boys.

    By farscapefanuk, Apr 20, 2007

    This episode was about a group of soldiers who has 'sleep' removed from their minds in an opperation during the Vietnam war in 1970. They did it to become the perfect soldier who never needs to sleep, they could be on guard 24 seven. But over time the soldiers became sick of no sleeping, so one by one they died off and now only two are remaining after another body turns up. Mulder gets the case from his new myterious source but is assigned a new agent to work with Agent Alex Krychek. This is the first appearence of this guy but he returns several times from here on in to rival Mulder.

    Overal this was a good episode. Scully was left out due to her pregnacy, but the new guy is evil, he is reporting to CSM OMG. So he tells CSM that Scully is a bigger problem than they ever imagined. Really good episode.moreless

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  • 7.1

    Minus Scully, Plus Krycek, Stir with a little Sleep deprivation and you get....

    By qbeanz, Dec 12, 2006

    Something not so impressive. It's hard to pinpoint, but I guess it's just not one of my favorite episodes. Nothing I'm going to remember anyway. Since I don't really know what I didn't like about it, I'll just talk about what I DID like about it.

    Even though there was not enough Scully (who can blame her, she was pregnant) I did enjoy the little bit of her the episode did have. It was very telling that she barely glances at Krycek, walks by his extended hand, and whispers the information exclusively to Mulder. Mulder, in turn, is unwilling to share her with Krycek. He calls her in secret, he asks her to join him on the case even though he's been assigned the "new partner" and their little jokey interchange over the phone is cute.

    I really like Nick Lea and I thought his acting within acting was great. He acts the part of a "green" agent really well, bristling over the effort by Mulder to take over his first case, and chewing him out over leaving him behind. I like Krycek in this role. He's so good as the sinister guy too, but he's fun here.

    I think those are the only two things I liked about this episode. Surprising that it's all revolved around character development? I seem to have type-cast myself. Oh well, it's just the way my mind receives creative material - through the medium of character rather than plot. I thought the storyline was weak, they could've delved deeper into the HOW of the vision-projection of Cole. Now that would've been interesting. Instead of subjecting us to just watching this wild goose chase that ends with a disappointing lack of climax.moreless

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  • 7.6


    The introduction of X and Krycek is not worthy of their characters.

    By acegikmo11, Sep 03, 2006

    In this episode, we are introduced to Alex Krycek, one of the more interesting recurring characters in the X-Files. He appears very different from his later forms, being introduced as a straight-laced, "green" FBI agent. His scenes with Mulder are some of the best from this episode. We also meet Mr. X, who behaves as he usually does. Unfortunately, the entire plot is worthless. A team of Marines who underwent "sleep eradication exercises" and committed horrible crimes during Vietnam are now being killed by one of their members who has developed the ability to "project" his dreams into the waking world.

    Hello? The X-Files stories are only engaging when they are suspension of disbelief is actually possible. The weak storyline, and the Krycek's scene at the end, which should have been saved for much, much later, ruin what should have been a highly significant and engaging episode.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Agent Alex Krycek and too much coffee

    By danideathstrike, May 22, 2006

    “Sleepless” is a great episode. A black Vietnam soldier goes round killing the other soldiers he was with. It turns out none of the soldiers have had sleep for 20 odd years cause they had some gland removed from the back of their neck to make them the ultimate fighter, and for some reason I cant remember the rest of the episode. I do remember that this is the first episode where we are introduced to Agent Alex Krycek, who turns out to be secretly working for smoking man and company. But a great episode, with some interesting and good concepts.moreless

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