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    By TrueTvWatcher, Aug 22, 2012

    Triangle was a great episode of The X-Files and I liked watching because the story was pretty good, the characters were awesome and the ending reminded me a little of The Wizard of Oz when Dorthy returns home and every one was in her dream. It was interesting to watch Mulder and Scully operating in two different times. I liked how every thing played out but this wasn't one of my favorite episodes and definitely didn't grab my attention or enthusiasm. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!moreless

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    Mulder enters the Bermuda Triangle and fights against Nazi's

    By JaCkKbAuEr2424, Mar 18, 2011

    Season 6, according to my friend, found the X-Files doing a lot more experimental stuff with their stories and the way they filmed episodes, and I can certainly see what he means by the last three episodes. The first three episodes have been great episodes overall, but there was just something incredibly fun and ridiculous about this episode, the same type of fun that episodes like "Small Potatoes" and "Bad Blood" gave us.. while I don't think that they're as good as those, "Triangle" gives us one of the show's finest hours and sort of gives us a Mulder/Scully kiss... but not really.

    In fact, my only real problem with the episode is that we never exactly figure out how Mulder goes missing and then enters back into our world. The episode doesn't seem too intent on focusing on the logistics or science of the episode.. instead, it's all about style, as Chris Carter lets the camera stretch on for what feels like ten or fifteen minute long takes (even though they're likely split and expertly edited). I think that, despite how clever Carter was with Mulder and the 1939 plot, I liked Scully's attempts to try and figure out how to help Mulder. The use of C.S.M here wasn't even conspiracy related.. instead, he seemed to exist just to make it even funnier watching Scully get more and more frustrated as she tries to help Mulder.

    In fact, I'd be hard-pressed, despite how unbelievably dark some of the moments of the episode are, to call this a straight-up comedy. Scully kissing Skinner in happiness for helping her, Mulder kissing the old Scully in 1939 and then getting punched, and the awkward "I love you" he says to the real Scully at the end that just gets an exasperated sarcastic head nod.. it was just a funny episode that found a way to use every single supporting character the show has used in the last five or six years.

    Season 6 is definitely off to a great start. I look forward to seeing where else they go from here.moreless

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    "I LOVE YOU" & some where over the rainbow! ;)

    By BaileyMcGee, Feb 28, 2011

    Okay first i have to establish the one thing i dont like about this episode first.... Mulder says scully...i love you which would be GREAT if not for the fact that it was only 2 or 3 episodes ago when he was drooling all over Diana Fowley and choosing to believe her (who we all know is bad)over Scully.

    That said I absolutly loved this episode!! I loved the characters being recast as Nazi's and OCC agents. I loved the kiss between Old Scully and Mulder and REALLY loved the punch afterwards. I loved all the Wizard of oz shout outs and the running shots down the halls. I nearly peed myself i was laughing so hard when Scully yelled at Spender and then again when she kissed skinner. Yet at the same time it wasnt just comedy to me. You could really tell that she was freeking out about mulder which was so cute and made every thing funny that much funnier because she was in a tizzy. I really liked the side by side shots of the different times running thru the halls. And when the two scully's passed each other and switched screens I thought that was great and supprising on the directors part.

    Over all this is ONE of my fav. episodes if not my fav. I differed from classic X files but after all that myth arc stuff i was wanting something alittle different and lighter. something where i could laugh at the tv instead of yell at it. SO big thumbs UP!!!moreless

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    He loves her - but we knew that already!

    By serataja, Sep 16, 2010

    Whoa - I just saw this episode for the very first time and I was completely blown away. Best. Episode. Ever. Great action, great humor, cleverly plotted and filmed. I absolutely adored Scully, running around the FBI office, trying desperately to find someone to give her the information she needed. It was nervewracking and very funny.

    Also we finally get a much needed kiss between Mulder and... well, the 'alternate reality Scully' I guess you could call her - but it's a kiss nevertheless!

    Finally, he gets to declare his love for her. Not that I was surprised. I mean, we have known that for the past 5 seasons, haven't we? Still, it was so unbelievably sweet and her reaction so funny and in character I think I woke my neighbors squealing. And he looked as if he really meant it. Really!

    Oh my, this is one episode to rewatch a couple of times!!!moreless

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    By red_cheeks, Mar 17, 2010

    One of my all time favorite episodes, Triangle is the most different and unique from any other X-File. The direction and editing alone are enough to make this episode outstanding. Inspired by the movie Rope by Hitchcock, Chris Carter uses four continues shots and a moving camera and the result is spectacular.

    The plot is amazing as well. I was always fascinated by the stories about the Bermuda Triangle and, though not fully explored, it was nice to see The X-Files deals with it. The episode is loaded with many unforgettable moments of action and humor: from Mulder trying to escape from the Nazis and convince past Scully that he's not one of them to Scully running from office to office threatening Spender and kissing Skinner in order to take the information she needs (G.A. is phenomenal) every single scene is brilliant. The end leaves us a little confused about what really happened but nevertheless excited.moreless

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    Wizard of OZ tribute

    By KennyRogersLove, Mar 14, 2009

    A great episode. Beautifully shot, exciting, funny and very creative and unique. Loved every minute of it. The long tracking shots were fanastic, its very impressive that they managed to do such long takes without mistakes. I loved Kersh in this episode - he's so funny wanting to go back to Jamica! Haha! There were a lot of funny bits, such as Scully trying to find Mulder, and it was all really well put together. Enjoyed this episode very much, its one of my faves. I love all the Wizard of Oz refrences, and I like Scully being all badass. The kiss and then the punch - great! And the ending is very funny as well.

    A quirky fun episode - who would have imagined them doing episodes like this in season 2? 10/10moreless

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    When Mulder goes in search of the lost World War Two era luxery liner The Queen Anne, he stumbles into a time warp where he sees familar faces. Scully in turn, aided by the Lone Gunman, is trying to find and save Mulder when he seems to have disappeared.

    By Tao2Zen, Oct 13, 2008

    This is a wonderful episode. It has all the classic elements that made The X-files great. The unique style which was present in nearly every episode is clear in this one, with references and homage paid to classic films in both content and unique cinematography. The humor and bizarre aspects are highly intertaining. It also encompasses some romance which so many fans thrived on at this point in the series. The character development through the roles in which the characters are placed in the World War Two setting gives good insight into their actual roles and traits in the show itself.moreless

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    Weird but awesome episode...

    By CaptainHarkness, Aug 20, 2008

    You've just got to love time warps. They always make for the best episodes in any series. this episode was very funny with all the wizard of oz references. I liked Scully's desperation to find Mulder. You know she must have been desperate if she went to Spender for help. That was also a good scene I liked the big long continuous shot and Scully yelling at Spender. Then she kissed Skinner. Then Mulder is stuck in the past and CSM is a Nazi. I really enjoyed the scene where Mulder kicked the crap out of Nazi Spender. This episode is a must see even if it isn't a mytharc episode it is a really great comedy episode.moreless

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    Time warp

    By Slayergirlkal, Aug 03, 2008

    WOW this was one awesome episode! I absolutely loved Mulder being trapped in that time loop! I loved seeing him try to tell the Nazis that he didn't speak Nazi! And it was great to see that when they saw his badge they had no idea what the FBI was!

    Scully was crazy which I loved!! It was nice to see her like a time bomb ready to explode! Her threatening Spender was brilliant and it was nice seeing her so forceful! And I found it extremely funny when she kissed Skinner!

    Past Scully was great too! I loved Mulder kissing her and saying "In case we never meet again." And it was great to see them working together so the Nazis wouldn't kill more people.

    And the end when Mulder was in the hospital was great! I loved the guys asking about the drugs he was on and saying they wanted some! That was perfect and of course Mulder telling Scully he loved her was perfect too.

    I'd totally recommend watching this episode!moreless

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