The X's

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Quotes (124)

  • Mr. X: Surrender homeboy or feel the power of slime.

  • Homebase: The new leader is Truman. Truman: TASTAY!

  • Truman: I can't believe you guys stayed up all night playing Moon Raider 7. Tuesday: That is so irresponsible. Mr. X: Young lady! As team leader I will not have my decisions questioned!

  • Mrs. X: Ooh... look how the aliens blow up.

  • Mr. X: So home base, what's on the agenda tonight?

  • Truman: No fair using your brains!

  • Truman: Eat proton blast alien dirtbag!

  • Mrs. X (trying to act like Tuesday): Like, can I have a thousand dollars for shoes. Tuesday: Hey, I don't do that.

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Notes (72)

  • A picture of the Spanish Soap Oprah was seen in the introduction for the program on

  • This was the first episode that aired on Nickelodeon (U.S.A).

  • This episode originally aired out of production order.

  • Running Gag(s): "AAIIEE, Robot" - Robomom constantly saying, "Destroy, destroy!," then attacking Mr. X.

  • "Mission: Irresponsible" - It is revealed that Glowface has caller ID.

  • "Mission: Irresponsible" - The huge mistake that Mr. and Mrs. X make is forget to fill the jet tank.

  • Main Villain(s): "AAIIEE, Robot" - Glowface. "Mission: Irresponsible" - Glowface.

  • Introduced X Tool(s): "AAIIEE, Robot" - X Jet. "Mission: Irresponsible" - None.

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Trivia (24)

  • Tuesday's hair changes between blue and green throughout the episodes.

  • "Boy's Best Fiend" marks the first time that Glowface didn't appear in an episode.

  • When Sasquatch appears in "Photo Ops" he was thin and his legs were brown. But when he appeared in "Boys Best Friend", he looked completely different.

  • Sasquatch says there is a polar bear in Antarctica, but polar bears don't live in Antarctica.

  • The title "Doommates" is a play on word roommates.

  • Mr. X says that the kids are absolutely not allowed out until they get along, but they're let out for lunch. Although that makes sense, he said "and no coming out until you get over this competitive thing."

  • Truman got a dog in the previous episode but he didn't show up in this one.

  • Mr. X's confession, "I'm a secret agent, I work for Superior, I wear a girddle" is in fact a haiku.

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Allusions (27)

  • The controls of the system Truman and Tuesday play looks like the controls of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the first system of this company out of Japan.

  • The game Tuesday and Truman were playing Moon Raider is an allusion of Tomb Raider.

  • Glowface: Dr. Doom Glowface seems very similar to Dr. Doom -- the main villain of the Fantastic Four. Both have faces that were messed up and use lightning based attacks.

  • Title: AAIEE, Robot The title is taken from the name of the 2004 Will Smith spy movie, I, Robot.

  • Title: Mission: Irresponsible The title is a parody of the title of the famous spy film, Mission Impossible.

  • The title "Three Days of the Coin Op" is a parody of the spy story "Three Days of the Condor."

  • Title: License to Slumber The title is a parody of the title of the James Bond movie, Licence to Kill.

  • Title: Sasquatch Sasquatch is clearly named after the legendary creature of the Northwest, Sasquatch, whom we usual refer to as Bigfoot.

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