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  • 9.1

    Louis is a eejit

    By mikey-bud, Nov 12, 2005

    Louis is pathetic. What were you thinking you crazy irish balding man-child. Just cause they\'re irish!!!! they cant hold a tune!!! Maria is a terrible loss :(( it was not a hard choice, it was easy. conways out. i guess we are gonna have to blame this on the luck of the irish eh?

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  • 7.4

    its disgusting that Louis is not wearing a poppy. Make him apologise, its disrespectful.. Chico was the only one wearing a poppy, he had my vote absolutely

    By janieportugal, Nov 12, 2005

    Make Louis apologise for not wearing a poppy its disrespecting our war heros ! well done Chico for being the only one to wear a poppy. Nicholas was great this week,Brenda sang her worse performance so far but was still great. Hope the manky conway sisters go tonight, cant stomach anymore of their whining! Chico, you were great! keep up the entertaining and great work. Maria has no personality and comes across as wooden on the stage. Yes, Simon was right she isn\'t dirty enough to sing that song. Good choice for Shayne, Andy just gets better and better. Brenda, I would buy your records!moreless

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