The Yogi Bear Show

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Quotes (5)

  • Huckleberry Hound: "Hi, My name is Huckleberry, Huckleberry Hound! Don't take this the wrong way Mr. Bear, but I haft to hunt you!"
    Yogi Bear: "Hi, My name is Yogi, Yogi Bear, You can't hunt us! We're nice bears!"
    Boo-Boo: "I can't believe that a blue dog is scaring us bears! Yogi... I'M SCARED!!!!!!!
    Ranger Smith: "Hey what did I tell you! Remember the (abut to fall down a trap!) SEVENTTTTTTTH!!!

  • (Huckleberry Hound, Doggie Daddy, Quick Draw McGraw, Top Cat, and Snagglepuss watching sleeping Moby Dick) Quick Draw McGraw: Hey! Why don't you look where you going? Top Cat: Excuse me! Are you trying to get us smash to smithereens? Doggie Daddy: Why that sweet for that tail would be... Snagglepuss: Certains.

  • (Yakky sees Yogi sleepwalking, panics, grabs a gun, fires than runs to Yogi's bed) Yakky: I shot a bear! I shot a bear! (He notices the bed is empty) I.. shot..a...bear. (Yogi is seen is smoldering pajamas) Yogi: I know, Daniel Boone, I know!

  • Father #1:Who dreamed up this father\son picnic anyway? Father#2: The Mothers, who else.

  • Boo Boo: Not the 'starving bear' routine. Yogi: It hardly never fails. Watch.

Notes (1)

  • Guest star:Red Coffee (Yakky). (Red Coffee, a little known voice actor, had done this elsewhere for HB and for MGM on HB;'s Tom and Jerry's, before ventriloquist/kids show TV host Jimmy Weldon gave Yakky the permanent voice, and different persona, than Mr.Coffe had)

Trivia (1)

  • When Huckleberry Hound was captured by Ranger Smith, both of there hats and guns kept disappearing and reappearing.

    When Huckleberry and Yogi were having fun, one time in the episode, Huckleberry disappeared for 3 seconds.

    In the Huckleberry Hound 2 hour special: The Good, The Bad, And Huckleberry Hound, It was shown that Huck was meeting Yogi Bear, but this episode was made first showing Huck meeting Yogi. This was probably just a minor mistake the artists made, probably not to remember each other from this episode.