The Young and the Restless

Ep. #9091

Season 36, Ep 233, Aired 2/25/09
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  • Heather visits Adam in prison and learns he has a problem with his health. She isn't sure what she should do about it, but decides to help him out. Victor and Ashley argue over the possibility of Jack being behind Colleen's determination to stay at Newman. Chloe tells Esther that Cane isn't the father of her baby. Esther sees Billy lurking around the hospital and realizes that he is Cordelia's father. Jill isn't convinced that Cane taking custody of Cordelia would be a good thing for the baby. Jack encourages Billy to fight for his child. Billy and Sharon act awkward when they see each other at the Abbott mansion. They both agree to keep their adventure a secret. Sharon apologizes to Jack for being too judgmental. He tells her she can still stop the divorce proceedings if she wants to give their marriage a try, but she runs out claiming she doesn't deserve him. Victor meets Eden at Crimson Lights while she's hanging out with Noah. Heather approaches Victor with the latest news on Adam, but Victor isn't a bit interested, and he uses the opportunity to remind her how Adam tricked them. Cane tells Chloe that she needs to talk to his lawyer regarding the custody of the baby. Jill angrily confronts Chloe at the hospital and Esther immediately jumps to Chloe's defense by threatening to throw Jill out. Billy meets with Rafe in order to get the info on what to do with Cordelia. Sharon encounters Noah and Eden at the bookstore and is deeply disturbed when Jack tries to reach her over the phone. She steals an item from the library and puts it in the bag, then receives a phone call about Doris ending up in a hospital. She rushes out of the bookstore and leaves the bag with Eden, who is stopped by a security guard while trying to exit the bookstore. Ashley makes it clear to Jack that she thinks he is pulling the strings where Colleen is concerned, but he tries to convince her otherwise. Colleen is moving out of the mansion into Brad's house and while collecting her stuff, Ashley explains that she doesn't believe she could have known about the Newman by-laws all by herself. Colleen snarks at Ashley before exiting, then Ashley repeats to Jack that she thinks he is using Colleen to get Victor. Esther, Chloe and Jill return to the Chancellor mansion where they talk about the baby and Billy comes along bearing a gift. Just as they are about to talk calmly, Cane enters.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Hogan Sheffer

  • Scott Hamner

  • Natalie Minardi Slater

  • Marla Kanelos

  • Beth Milstein

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  • Does biology make a father?

    By dmarex, Feb 28, 2009

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    • Jill: Gently, gently. Just little pats. You're trying to burp her, not wallop the poor thing. Chloe: Oh, does that apply to you, too, Jill? Jill: If you know what's good for you.

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