The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

ABC (ended 1996)
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  • S 3 : Ep 12

    Princeton 1919


  • S 3 : Ep 11

    Palestine, October 1917 (2)


  • S 3 : Ep 10

    Morocco 1917


  • S 3 : Ep 9

    Tangiers 1908


  • S 3 : Ep 8

    Travels with Father, Athens 1910 (2)

    Aired 6/16/96

  • Cast & Crew
  • Sean Patrick Flanery

    Young Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. at age 16-20

  • Corey Carrier

    Young Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. at age 8-10

  • George Hall

    Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. at age 93

  • Daniel Craig


  • Leon Pridgen


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  • The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was based on the Indiana Jones series of films. The series follows the Indiana Jones character (as a young boy and as a young man) as he was growing up and experiencing his early adventures, where he gets into trouble, learns life lessons and encounters various historical figures along the way. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was filmed on location all over the world ~ including England, Russia, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Kenya, France, India, China, Austria, Egypt, the United States, Morocco, Ireland, Italy, Africa, Turkey, Greece and Thailand. This guide is laid out in the original order of the airings on TV. When the series was edited into films and released on video, the order changed. Please see the "Notes" section of the episode guides to see what episodes are on which videotapes.moreless

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  • Quotes (13)

    • French Courier: Now, when the Archduke of Austria is assassinated in Serbia, Austria threatens to invade Serbia. Belgian Courier: What about Germany? French Courier: Germany, as an ally of Austria, declares war on Russia, an ally of Serbia. Indy: But we're fighting in France. French Courier: Yes, indeed we are. France declares war to Germany and Austria, because of their alliance with Russia. Indy: But what about Belgium? Belgian Courier: Ah! French Courier: Belgium? When Germany went to attack France, Belgium was on the way. Belgian Courier: And Britain didn't like that, so they joined against Germany and Austria. French Courier: Right. Indy: So, we're fighting to protect Serbia. A tiny country no one's ever heard of. That's what this war is all about?

    • General Pétain: How many men did you lose? General Nivelle: Obviously not enough.

    • Indy: I won't let you down, sir. Major Boucher: Of course you will. You're soft, undisciplined, not fit to command the men.

    • Sgt. Barthelmy: Captain, you are a very good man but you are not a smart man.

    • Man: You boys look like you crawled through Hell on your bellies. Indy: We didn't crawl.

    • Indy: That's an order Lieutenant! Remy (punches Indy knocking him to the ground then salutes smartly): Right away, sir! French Corporal: What the hell was that? Indy: A Belgian salute.

    • French Soldier: Keep moving. Indy: Corporal, that's not necessary. French Soldier: I don't have to take orders from a Belgian. Remy: Do you enjoy chewing your food?

    • George: Can you feel it? Indy: What? George: The sounds of the city. There's a kinda music in it. The kinda music that no one's written yet. The kinda music that I want to write. Indy: A symphony for car horns? George: Sure why not?

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    Notes (138)

    • The episode won 4 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Art Direction for a Miniseries or a Special, Outstanding Costume Design for a Miniseries or a Special, Outstanding Editing for a Miniseries or a Special - Single Camera Production and Outstanding Makeup for a Miniseries or a Special.

    • As the show was later re-edited into chronological order for home video the mystery revolving around the stolen jackal headpiece ends up being resolved much later in the second half of TV movie Spring Break Adventure.

    • This episode and the following documentaries on Volume 1 Disc 1 of the DVD collection, they include: -Archaeology - Unearthing Our Past -Howard Carter and the Tomb of Tutankhamun -Colonel Lawrence's War - T.E. Lawrence and Arabia -From Slavery to Freedom

    • Part 1 of the video My First Adventure with Tangiers, 1908.

    • The episode won 4 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Art Direction for a Miniseries or a Special, Outstanding Costume Design for a Miniseries or a Special, Outstanding Editing for a Miniseries or a Special - Single Camera Production and Outstanding Makeup for a Miniseries or a Special.

    • Located on Volume 1 Disc 12 of the Young Indiana Jones DVD collection is an interactive game called The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Revolution. The interactive game is based on this episode.

    • Mike Moroff's (Pancho Villa) grandfather interestingly enough actually rode with Villa and Moroff ended up inheriting several love letters written by Villa.

    • The horse used by Sean Patrick Flanery in this episode is called Hurricane. The same horse was actually used by Harrison Ford in previous Indiana Jones feature films.

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    Trivia (39)

    • Non-fiction characters appearing in this episode:
      T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) - British hero of World War I (1888-1935)
      Howard Carter - British Egyptologist and archaeologist (1874-1939)

    • TRIVIA: Harrison Ford was offered the role of the older Indiana Jones, but he turned it down, since he thought television had nothing to offer his career.

    • TRIVIA: River Phoenix, who played Young Indy in the film "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", was offered the title role, but turned it down, since he didn't want to return to television.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode old Indy reveals when and where he was born - July 1, 1899 in New Jersey.

    • Indy’s line to Demetrios “it belongs in a museum” is a throwback to the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in which he says the line many times near the beginning of the film.

    • The events of this episode are later referenced in the film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull when Indy explains to Mutt that he rode with Pancho Villa and his men.

    • TRIVIA: Non-fiction characters appearing in this episode -
      -General John "Blackjack" Pershing: An American Army General who is best known for leading the American Expeditionary Force in World War I and mentoring the great generals of World War II including Marshall, Eisenhower, Bradley, and Patton. (1860-1948) -George S. Patton: An American military officer who served with Pershing in Mexico against Pancho Villa, in the newly founded United States Tank Corps in World War I, and was one of the most influential leaders in the European Theater of World War II. (1885-1945) -Pancho Villa: A Mexican Revolutionary general who was famous for leading a raid into New Mexico prior to the U.S. joining World War I. (1878-1923) -Julio Cárdenas: An important leader in Pancho Villas military organization, leading Pancho Villa's bodyguards, the Dorados ("Golden ones"). He was killed by Lieutenant Patton who reportedly carved notches into his revolvers. (????-1916)

    • TRIVIA: Indy's adventure that would take him around the world during World War I started on the morning of March 9, 1916 when Pancho Villa's men made a cross-border attack against Columbus, New Mexico. In reality, they set part of Columbus on fire and killed 18 Americans (80 of Villa's men were killed).

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    Allusions (6)

    • T.E. Lawrence alludes to the fact that he likes to make up stories. It is thought by some that he made up, or embellished some of the stories that are portrayed in the book he wrote Seven Pillars of Wisdom.

    • While young Indy and his friend are exploring the African bush, they are threatened by a snake. Indy exclaims, "I hate snakes."
      This is a reference to the Indiana Jones films where it's common knowledge Indy hates snakes.

    • Remy: Gather ye rosebuds while ye may...
      The opening line of Robert Herrick's 17th century poem To the virgins, to make much of time, a poem dedicated to the concept of carpe diem, to those in their youth to actively celebrate life and its pleasures.

    • In part 2 of The Curse Of The Jackal (Mexico, 1916), Indy's cousin shows him a postcard of Mata Hari.

    • While filming the finale for Ford's movie, Indy is dragged along beneath the wagon and has to work his way underneath it to the horses, just as when Indy had to do the same in Egypt in "Raiders Of The Lost Ark."

    • While bound and gagged, Indy sees a rat and shoos it away. This is reminiscent of the 1989 film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when Indy is underneath Venice with hundreds of rats.

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    By pferreira86, Oct 13, 2015

  • Awesome!

    By Ben10Master, Jun 17, 2008

  • The show I still claim is my favorite TV show of all time, although I'm not exactly sure why anymore. There was humor, adventure, history, general cleverness... well, I guess that's why.

    By rockinlibrarian, Jun 23, 2007

  • You don't want to miss it!

    By da_dunker, May 02, 2007

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    By bonefactory, Apr 19, 2006

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