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    The show I still claim is my favorite TV show of all time, although I'm not exactly sure why anymore. There was humor, adventure, history, general cleverness... well, I guess that's why.

    By rockinlibrarian, Jun 23, 2007

    I was in eighth grade when this came out, and my family watched it together, but I'm not sure I'd even seen "Raiders" at the time... I'm pretty sure I saw "The Last Crusade" though. I really didn't know what to expect, which is maybe why I enjoyed it more than the critics who claimed it wasn't enough like the movies. Darn those critics. Did they have any influence on people not watching this? Did they have any influence on the show getting cancelled way before its time? Or is it just that the American public just does not have as good of taste as me? Which accounts for why two of my other favorite shows of all time, "Freaks and Geeks" and "Firefly," were cancelled in even half the time as this one? What is WRONG with the world?!

    I remember the show made me laugh. I remember my second cousins were all over my house because their grandmother had just died and we were all watching this and LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY even though their grandmother had, as I already mentioned, just died. I remember I was always sitting with my eyes wide, just taking it all in, feeling on the edge of my seat even if I wasn't actually sitting there.

    I remember an episode I'd been really looking forward to aired while I was busy having a birthday party, and I was THAT TORN between actually doing party things with all my guests and sneaking away to watch! I never did see that episode....

    I remember my sister was starting band and had to pick an instrument and picked sax JUST because Indy played sax on the show. I really need to get my hands on the DVD...moreless

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  • 7.0

    You don't want to miss it!

    By da_dunker, May 02, 2007

    We are surrounded by garbage. Look at what the TV industry tries to pass off as entertainment and I think you will agree. For every quality TV show produced there are several not worth watching. One of the gems was the "Young Indiana Jones" series. It was funny, somewhat educational, showed historical incidents from an interesting prospective, if not always accurate – one a younger viewer would enjoy enough to watch. It was very well written and touched on the facts laid out in the movies showing Indy as a middle aged Nazi fighter. In a one-hour show we were taken on a trip from today, to a time about 90 years ago, and back to today. It showed how an incident from this long ago as meaning in today's world. A life touched during WWI can make a huge difference in what happens today. A vacation taken with Teddy Roosevelt in 1906 can be tied t things happening today in a very interesting way. I would recommend this show for anyone – all ages will enjoy this show. For a TV show the production value was very good. The world shown was as correct as possible given today's limitations. The cars were right, the clothes were correct, and the locations were beautifully filmed. For a T show this is great entertainment.moreless

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  • 8.8


    By bonefactory, Apr 19, 2006

    This is a unique and brilliant piece of historiography. The places and people and their ideas are presented interestingly, colorfully, and authentically. Unlike most action shows on television these days, this had a sense of humor and was actually funny. The show had Indiana Jones meeting real life history makers and was actually quite educational, which I enjoyed. This show is a great fill in of the beginning of the third Indiana movie to his known adult years. Many times this show is a fun forshadow of what will be. This show is very fun for fans and makes me ask, Where is the DVD collection?moreless

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  • 8.2

    Indiana Jones is one of the coolest heros ever, so a show about him would have to be great right? well kinda... This show was very entertaining to say the least, especially for fans of the films, but it is definately not the same quality as the movies.

    By Canadinbcn, Jul 17, 2005

    Indiana Jones is one of the coolest heros ever, so a show about him would have to be great right? well kinda... While this show does feature Indy both as an old man and a boy/teen, it is nowhere near the same great entertainment as the movies. Then again, not many movies are. Thus, you almost have to put all those thoughts aside and just look at this series on a whole. The whole notion of an old Indy telling stories of his past that give you some insight into the boy that would become the legend is very intriguing. It is also very entertaining. Yet, some of the storylines can seem a little redundant at times so the show is definately not perfect. All in all though, it is an solid addition to the Indian Jones lore that nearly everyone from this generation remembers.

    My final review: This show was very entertaining to say the least, especially for fans of the films, but it is definately not the same quality as the movies.moreless

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