Then Came Bronson

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  • Jack Klugman and Penny Marshall later worked together in the lovable television series, The Odd Couple.

  • Meg Wyllie portrayed the haunting androgynous Keeper, where she was seen in full alien make-up, in the Star Trek episode "The Menagerie" in 1966.

  • Oscar nominated Elsa Lanchester started acting in the 1920's and is best known for her role as the Bride of Frankenstein (1935). She was married to Charles Laughton, the legendary actor, for over thirty years.

  • In the famed Saturday Night Live comedy skit show Billy Crystal immortalized Fernando Lamas in the early 1980's by lampooning Lamas' catch-phrase when on the Johnny Carson Show, "You loook, maarvelooous."

  • The doctor in this episode, James Doohan, became known to millions of fans a few years earlier by portraying the starship engineer Scotty in the cult television show Star Trek.

  • Gloria Grahame is a film noir icon, especially those noir films made in the 1940's and 1950's. Ironically, in this episode, she also plays the role of a femme fatale.

  • Will Geer had been acting since the 1930's but became blacklisted during the 1950's because he refused to testify at the HUAC hearings and to "name names." He later became well know when he played the part of grandpa in the loved series The Waltons.

  • This episode, written by D.C. Fontana, was nominated for the Writers Guild Award.

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Trivia (2)

  • While giving Katz a ride to the gas station, Bronson addresses Katz by name, but the two don't introduce themselves until after that ride.

  • After Bronson drops Katz off at his van, he takes off without his bedroll on the back of the bike. Cutaway to Bronson again, and the bedroll is there.