Third Watch

Family Ties (2)

Season 5, Ep 17, Aired 3/5/04
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  • Episode Description
  • Maritza goes all out on the hunt for Michael after Dade dies, as does Bosco, who's intent on finding his brother before Maritza does; Faith calls Maritza a liar in front of Swersky when Maritza claims that she saw Michael shoot Dade; Fred is still angry about Faith repartnering with Bosco, and refuses to discuss it; Breene revisits the house and urges the paramedics to talk to professionals or to each other to help deal with the stress of the shootout; looking to collect the reward for information leading to Dade's killer, Anthony tells Maritza where Michael can be found after she lies to him about her relationship with Bosco; Bosco finds Michael moments before Maritza, and his brother claims that he's innocent and that a drug dealer named Spider was Dade's murderer; Spider comes out with machine guns blazing when Maritza, Sully, Ty, Faith and Bosco attempt to arrest him, and a ferocious gun battle ensues; Maritza agrees to work with Michael as an informant after Bosco pleads for his brother; Bosco is outraged when Maritza tells him that Anthony turned in Michael to earn the reward.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Coby Bell

    Ty Davis Jr.

  • Michael Beach

    Doc Parker (Episodes 1-103)

  • Eddie Cibrian

    Jimmy Doherty (Episodes 1-101)

  • Molly Price

    Officer (Now Detective) Faith Yokas

  • Kim Raver

    Kim Zambrano (Episodes 1-111)

  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • cruz and anthony boscorelli would make a great team - to both of them a human life doesn't mean ANYTHING

    By meljas, Oct 24, 2007

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  • Quotes (41)

    • Dade: {gasping for breath} Please don’t let me die.

    • Bosco: Sarge, who got hit? Cruz: This was your brother. Bosco: What? Cruz: Your brother killed Dade.

    • Cruz: Did your partner tell you about his brother having you lock up his competition? Yokas: No, but he told me that you interviewed our perp without permission. Cruz: Yeah. I’ll talk to whoever I need to talk to. Yokas: I don’t want you to talk to anybody that I have anything to do with.

    • Swersky: Did you notify anyone? Cruz: Notify who? I’m assisting Narcotics on a drug investigation here. Swersky: Well, you could tell your platoon commander that a cop’s brother is implicated in an investigation. Cruz: I didn’t have time. Yokas: You never do.

    • Bosco: Did you see my brother? Cruz: It was his car. The driver of his car. Bosco: Did you see him? Cruz: I saw him. Yokas: You’re lying. Cruz: You don’t want to mess with me right now! Yokas: You’re lying. You never saw--- Cruz: It was a--- This guy killed a cop! Somebody that I care about!

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    Notes (2)

    • Monroe (Nia Long) and Emily (Bonnie Dennison) do not appear in this episode

    • Music: Johnette Napolitano did "Suicide Note" from the "Underworld" soundtrack cd.

    Trivia (1)

    • In real life, there is simply no way that anti-crime would have attempted an apprehension of a cop killer without assistance from the Emergency Services Unit (ESU, known elsewhere as SWAT). ESU would have been running the show and *may* have allowed anti-crime to assist. Since they knew that Spider was putting Teflon in the bullets, an ambulance would have been at the scene as well.

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