Third Watch

Jimmy's Mountain

Season 2, Ep 4, Aired 10/23/00
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  • Episode Description
  • Jimmy's recovery complicates his return to the firehouse as he tries to take on too much, causing discord amongst his fellow firefighters over his all-consuming need to prove his abilities have not been lost. Meanwhile, Alex Taylor joins the firehouse and arrives with some baggage of her own.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Coby Bell

    Ty Davis Jr.

  • Michael Beach

    Doc Parker (Episodes 1-103)

  • Bobby Cannavale

    Bobby Caffey (Episodes 1-38)

  • Eddie Cibrian

    Jimmy Doherty (Episodes 1-101)

  • Molly Price

    Officer (Now Detective) Faith Yokas

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  • Quotes (17)

    • Jimmy (voiceover): The most difficult thing to do in sports is hit a major league fastball. The Yankees gave me three swings. Every spring they have open try outs for the guys who think they can make it but didn't have the advantage of going to a Michigan or a USC. Spring of 1993, that was my year. They give you three swings, you hit one you move on to fielding. Kinda harsh, but it didn't matter to me, anyways. I knew I was good. I had it all figured out, maybe a year in the minors then I'd make it to the big show. Easy street. Seven figure endorsment contract with Nike or Adidas, or somebody. All I had to do was hit one. How hard could that be? Being a fireman, that was my backup plan. Joined the fire department three months later. Didn't expect to, but I love my job. I love being a fireman. Didn't expect to, but I love my job. I love being a fireman. I'm really good at it. Better at it than everything else I've ever tried to do. Being a fireman, people in the neighborhood look up to you. Being a good fireman, the other firefighters look up to you. And I'm a good fireman. In the firehouse, I'm respected. I know my spot, I know I belong. Work with men I admire, and I trust with my life, and who trust me with theirs. That was the best. I'd found my place in the world after all. And then I got shot. The Yankees gave me three swings, and while I don't really have any regrets, sometimes I wish they'd just given me one more swing.

    • Jimmy (voiceover): Most difficult thing to do in sports is to hit a major league fast ball. Been thinkin' a lot about Wally Pipp. Wally Pipp never got into another game, Lou Gehrig didn't miss a start for 13 years. On this job, I guess I always thought on myself as Gehrig in that story.

    • Doc: Can't sleep? Taylor: I'm not tired. Doc: Well, you should try and get some rest anyway. Taylor: No, thanks. (walks off) Carlos: Ooh, I thought you guys were friends. Kim: Nice girl.

    • Lt. Johnson (introducing Taylor to everyone): DK, Walsh, Lombardo, Roberts, Howell, and the ugly one is Doherty.

    • Doc: Hey, is that Alex Taylor? Howell: The one and only. Carlos: You know her? Doc: Yeah, she used to be a paramedic, we worked a few shifts together before she took the fire exam, and made it up the list. Carlos: Is she the one from 78? Doc: Yeah, nice lady, hard worker. Howell: Yeah, well, she shoulda stayed a paramedic. Carlos: Too bad she's litigious. Girl's got a great ass.

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    • Music Featured In This Episode: Here We Go Again - Everclear

    Trivia (1)

    • Jimmy's tryout takes place not in Yankee Stadium, but in Shea Stadium, home of the New York Mets.

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