This is Your Life (UK)

BBC (ended 2003)
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  • S 43 : Ep 25

    Aled Jones

    Aired 8/8/03

  • S 43 : Ep 24

    Gyles Brandeth

    Aired 8/1/03

  • S 43 : Ep 23

    Bob Harris

    Aired 7/24/03

  • S 43 : Ep 22

    John Middleton

    Aired 7/17/03

  • S 43 : Ep 21

    Chris Bonnington

    Aired 7/3/03

  • Cast & Crew
  • Michael Aspel

    Presenter [1988-2003]

  • Eamonn Andrews

    Presenter [1955-1987]

  • Jack Good


  • Alfie Bass


  • Richard Evans


  • show Description
  • Each week, a celebrity guest of honour is surprised and presented with a 'Red Book' by the show host. The host conducts a biography of the guest with the help of family members, friends, and acquaintances.

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    • Guests not in the Entertainment Industry: Grainne Andrews (Eamonn's wife) Noel Andrews (Eamonn's father) Margaret Andrews (Eamonn's mother) Kathleen Andrews (Eamonn's sister) Peggy Andrews (Eamonn's sister) Theresa Andrews (Eamonn's sister) Don Cockell (Himself) Gladys Hay (Herself) Jack McGowran (Himself)

    • Guests not in the Entertainment Industry: Stanley Matthews Arthur Matthews (Stanley's father) Mrs. Matthews (Stanley's mother) Betty Matthews (Stanley's sister) Jack Matthews (Stanley's brother) Jean Matthews (Stanely's sister) Ronnie Matthews (Stanley's brother) Wally Barnes Harry Bishop J. Connor Stan Cullis Eddie Hapgood Roy John Harry Jonston Tommy Lawton Tom Mather Stanley Mortensen Jimmy Vallance Tommy Wain-Wright

    • Guests not in the Entertainment Industry: Richard Jennings Manser Albert Gerald Lambert Patricia Flood Thomas Flood Major E. P. Flood

    • Guests not in the Entertainment Industry: Bransby Williams G. H. Elliot

    • Guests not in the Entertainment Industry: Alice Ward Leonard Ward Edward Starts Stuart Hibberd Christopher Stone Katie Fripp Arthur Baines Arthur Clifford Baynes Cecil Dixon Rex Palmer George Hughes

    • Guests not in the Entertainment Industry: Susan Ryder Burkard Von Mullenheim-Rechberg Brian Hession Maureen Finn Joan Smith Beattie Taylor Maud McCarthy Iris McCarthy Faith MacKenzie Minnie McCarthy Doris Arnold Ada Reeve John Barbirolli Billy Smart Harry S. Pepper

    • Guests not in the Entertainment Industry: Stanley Black Edith Archibald Anne Brusselmans Hilda Critchley Elizabeth Wilkins Odette Churchill Odette Hallowes Anton Walbrook Anton Walters Herbert Wilcox Victor Silvester

    • Guests not in the Entertainment Industry: Barbara Cartland (Herself)

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    • Ralph Edwards interviewed Boris Karloff, Bebe Daniels, Ben Lyon, and Freddie Mills briefly before revealing that Eamonn Andrews was actually the guest of honour.

    • The unshown part of this story is that it is now thought that despite his books and documentaries and the film Reach For The Sky showing, or talking of him colliding with Grman fighters or being shot down by a German Sgt pilot, in fact he was the victim of a mistaken friendly-fire incident whereby his friend and fellow wing pilot Buck Casson shot him down as he was lose behind a pack of German fighters and Buck was possibly closing fast on this rear aircraft, posssibly shooting towards the brighter part of the sky where the sun was startling at higher altitudes. If you read Bader`s Last Fight or other books this is now becoming apparent. It still was a remarkable escape from the Spitfire and we have the legend of Bader doing the work most able bodied could not do. Love him or hate him, you had to admire his guts and his work for charity and as an inspiration for thousands of limbless children and others who now had an example of what is possible with no legs;to fly, to drive, to dance with the Queen Mother, to play Golf better than some pros and to leave us a legend of courage in the skies defending Britain in 1940. There will never be another.

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