A&E Yanks Those Who Kill from Its Schedule, Moves Bates Motel

By Tim Surette

Mar 13, 2014

Well that was quick! A&E has already pulled its new crime drama Those Who Kill off the air after just two episodes, reports The Hollywood Reporter, probably from Hollywood. The series hasn't done well ratings-wise, debuting to 1.4 million viewers and then dropping all the way down to 830,000 viewers in its second episode. Compare that to its lead-in Bates Motel, which drew 3.07 million viewers in its first week.

Those Who Kill stars Chloe Sevigny as Catherine Jensen, a Pittsburgh detective who hunts down serial killers. It's based on a Danish series that only ran for one season in its home country due to low ratings, so I guess we should have seen this coming. 

The Hollywood Reporter took care to point out that Those Who Kill hasn't been canceled, and that A&E is looking for a new time period to air it in, because the "network likes the show and has faith that it can find an audience." But if that's the case, A&E has terrible taste because Those Who Kill is BAD. In the premiere, Catherine got thrown into a box by a killer, and then she got thrown into a box by a killer AGAIN. As in, it happened TWICE. And did you see Episode 2? It may have been even worse. But oddly enough, that's what I ended up liking about the series. And please, "looking for a new time period"? Like it'll do better on Wednesdays at 8pm or Saturdays at 7am? Sure, okay.

With Those Who Kill's yanking effective immediately, A&E has opted to push Bates Motel back an hour to Mondays at 10pm, with a Bates Motel repeat leading into it at 9pm. 

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  • tmweeks1 Mar 25, 2014

    I liked The show...Curious about the characters....Please put it back on and properly advertise the Show!!!!......I didn't like bates motel at first...now I love it!!! It was also heavily advertised!!!....That makes a huge difference in viewership!!!!

  • tinaschreiber1 Mar 19, 2014

    I liked the show. Not enough twisted stuff out there. This show was way better than bates. Bring it back or I will never watch A&E; again

  • MeghanDuffy Mar 19, 2014

    The guy who wrote this article is a quack. It was a good show, that used real police detective/ems from the Pittsburgh area. Hope they bring it back? As for Tim Surette go watch your quality tv which I'm sure includes Duck Dynasty-

  • jjafargi Mar 14, 2014

    Oh great, thanks a lot, A&E;! Now I'll have to choose between Bates Motel and The Blacklist! The 9 PM spot was perfect! :-(

  • dianamartins Mar 13, 2014

    But I am really curious about that female detective's secret and her mysterious family! :(

  • tinaschreiber1 Mar 19, 2014

    amen they just leave us hanging. She wasnt born that twisted

  • MarlboroMagpi Mar 13, 2014

    I am glad I did not watch Those who killed at all. I am sad for Chloe Sevigny though. It seems now she might have a stigma on TV just like Christian Slater. Perhaps it would be better for her to be on an ensemble cast like Big Love.

    Bates Motel is good ! Vera Farmiga is great !

  • mrjimmyjames Mar 13, 2014

    Glad to see they at least didn't try to replace it with more reruns of Duck Dynasty. Bates Motel feels like a drama that is too good for A&E.; I'm shocked that it isn't from FX or AMC.

  • rodgert Mar 13, 2014

    I'm glad the suits weren't in charge when MASH first came on TV

  • current Mar 13, 2014

    She didn't, at least, get thrown in the same box. One was specially constructed in a building site and the other an ad hoc freezer chest elsewhere. Such a complaint w/should be aimed to deter people from viewing such shows. But it's like saying a large number of cop shows/films are crap because one of the protagonists gets caught the killer, tries to escape but gets recaptured.
    If, however, you'd of said the Chlo'ster is about as unlikable as ever with her face like a spanked arse that's permanently smelt something it didn't like, then I'd of had to agree. Or that she clearly murdered her assailant and any Jnr. child with a 'My First Chemistry Set' and/or mildly avid fan of CSI would've been able to prove it. But no, you had to take the low road, Tim!
    The first series also canned itself because it killed the more popular forensic shrink at then end with a bomb - kinda careless.

  • lottadi Mar 13, 2014

    Im done with Bates Motel. This season is messy and isnt catching my interest.

  • MarlboroMagpi Mar 13, 2014

    Really? The premiere was great though I must admit second episode is average but I have faith it will pick up again.

  • lottadi Mar 13, 2014

    Yup, it doesn't catch my eye as it did last year. Hopefully it will get better and I'll have myself a little Bates-marathon. :)

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