Watch the Trailer for A&E's Freaky Crime Drama Those Who Kill (VIDEO)

By Tim Surette

Jan 24, 2014

Thank the heavens that there aren't as many serial killers on the loose in real life as there are on television, otherwise we'd all be dead. The latest television show to embark on the hunt for a sick and twisted murderer is A&E's Those Who Kill, an American adaptation of the Danish series Den som dræber. It stars Chloe Sevigny as a hard-nosed female FBI agent (so very Carrie Mathison) and James D'Arcy as a criminal psychologist who helps her out. Yep, another girl/guy duo chasing a bad dude who does awful things to people. Here's the trailer!

This might have been exciting five years ago before the schedule was saturated with this kind of stuff, because all I see are the same old cliches, right down to getting trapped inside a box at the very end. As far as tone, Those Who Kill looks closer to the action-oriented gore-glorifying style of The Following rather than the slow, psychological burn of The Killing. And that soundtrack, which sounds like a cat walking across a keyboard while a Dubstep preset is queued up on Garage Band, tells me it favors style over substance. I guess what I'm saying is, "Nice try, trailer, but no thanks!"

Those Who Kill debuts March 3 on A&E.

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  • peterspoor33 Feb 23, 2014


    I'm digging this in a wierd way, at first I wasn't even sure if it was set in present day, something seemed oddly retro about it. I must be odd because I liked the music (although I see where the reviewer is coming from) it was almost some unsettling sound like being trapped in some dark euro synth disco house with two much smoke machine and not enough exits.

    Sure, seen a lot of it before, hard boiled cop chick, supersensitive profiler professor who's practically in tears empathising with victim or killer but I think they indicated that there is a lot more under the surface. (although I still don't buy that "don't show emotion" and the killer will just go away thing, it's the opposite of Silence of the Lambs advice where you must have a name and talk about being missed by family and the killer empathises and finds it harder to see you as a victim. I guess it depends which killer has you in their dungeon)

    Sure victims in boxes isn't new but at the start this guy had a custom box for sealing off the air and clear panels to observe his victims submission and panels for "touching" all details that equals super creepy to me, he was also DNA savvy given his disposable overall ensemble. Loved that the professor/profiler kept her in the box just a little longer than he should of to get a "feel" for the killer.

    Liked Sevigny's ready to go pants and leather jacket look in her relaxation time, that and the collection of serial killer homes pictures, you knew there was a story there before the final reveal at the police station, she has an unrelaxed and unsettled look and that photo at the end seems to suggest she has some motivation from some dark history.

    In any case, loved her independent movie stuff which is now probably a dead industry so I'm glad I can see how this goes, could swing either way, but I'd currently favour it going more toward the positive especially since they adapting a previous european show I haven't seen for better or worse instead of re-inventing the wheel, would prefer to look up the original with subs but instead of chasing it down I'll watch this and hope they do it justice or keep us interested.

  • pamelliajohns Feb 07, 2014

    Awesome! This is right up my alley! Love me some serial killer, murder mystery, creepy bad guy, woman in a box, dead body show!!!!!

    Bring it on!

  • tryptz Jan 24, 2014

    Intrigued ,loved this.

  • DrXabregas Jan 24, 2014


  • nojanj Jan 24, 2014


  • nojanj Jan 24, 2014

    I LOVE THAT!!!

  • americanwoman Jan 24, 2014

    How is being trapped in a box at the end cliche? I for one, have never seen any movie or tv show that has used that as a plot point. Although this does have a bleak atmosphere that's similar to other shows that are already out there, the case itself looks unique enough that it'll be a show worth watching. I'm glad that there's finally a crime show with a troubled, somewhat antisocial but extremely competent female lead.

  • youknow Jan 27, 2014

    Off the top of my head: Bones, Las Vegas, Monk. This trailer was full of cliches.

  • missjudgment Jan 24, 2014

    Not a single thing about this makes me want to even check it out. Also: cat walking across a keyboard, heh.

  • Rolamb Jan 24, 2014

    I've seen the original Danish series (just saw the last episode/film last week) and as so often, the US remake of these series is indeed more action and gore glorifying. The original series, although not the best Denmark has to offer us, is far more subtle.

  • paper-kay Jan 24, 2014

    Never been a fan of Sevigny's so called acting, but the bigger problem I have with all this is - let's give the audience an even more gross, even more ugly crime and pretend we are investigating it. It doesn't matter if there's any actually story to be told, let's just keep folk grossed out and they will always come back for more...

  • liisterinen Jan 24, 2014

    it has Chloe Sevigny in it, so please, it must be good! let it be good!

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