Natural Borne Killers

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    a dog from Africa starts an Ebola virus chain of events. The town suffers casualties, but patient zero is escaping. will our heroes manage to catch him on time, while [sarcasm ahead] preserving their humanity?

    By regularDude, Mar 23, 2006

    So, they have patient-zero on line, and yet they chase at ease, using cars. Will they drive fast enough to stop the patient from killing everyone in Vegas?? oh, the suspense! (NONE).

    The ending got ME vomiting. I like a sappy ending like anyone else, however this was totally off the mark. Also, I can only hope that the real people don\'t take stupid risks that way. Even as a tearjerker, this was one of the sloppiest.

    I like it when the good guys show mercy and humanity, but this is ridiculous.moreless

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  • 2.6

    Hated It

    By Ross_99, Nov 07, 2005

    I really hated this epiode i didnt find it very interesting at all my main reason for this is that as it wasnt an act of terrorism and to me thats what the entire series is about. The idea of ebola coming in on a dog from Africa while possible didnt entertain me :(

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