Threat Matrix

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Quotes (11)

  • Security: I don't know what that is. Kilmer: Scan it. Security: What's going on?

  • Atkins: You pumped bees into the air vents. Kilmer: Yes sir 35 hundred.

  • Atkins: I've been getting calls from the chairman of the joint chiefs, head of the house armed services committee. Did you have to stand outside his window carrying the damn thing? Kilmer: You asked me to get his attention.

  • General: And you two do what? Go around the country stealing warheads? Kilmer: When the President asks us to.

  • General: Yes. Kilmer: Missing something? Take a look out your north west window.

  • General: Half the Federal Government has been on alert looking for this warhead, you've got a hell of a lot of nerve to pull a stunt like that.

  • Kilmer: Have you IDed the explosives. Larken: Judging from the blast pattern and the residue is was approximately 30kg of C4. Atkins: Manufacturers plant contaminants for identification - explosive can be traced. Larkin: The signature of residue is from the Holstein ammunition plant in Kingsport, Tennessee. Kilmer: Who they sell it to? Larkin: The US Army. That particular lot went to Fort Benning, Georgia. Atkins: Wait a minute. So the source is US Military.

  • Franky: Not much to profile they were both drinking sparkling water at the bar, OK maybe Muslim, AA or Morman.

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Notes (5)

  • Melora Walters makes her final appearance as a regular.

  • Kurt Caceres makes his final appearance as a part of the regular cast.

  • This was the final episode that aired in the USA during it's original run. The series was subsequently canceled due to low ratings.

  • This episode was never aired in the United States during its initial production run.

  • This episode was never aired in the United States during its initial production run.

Trivia (3)

  • In one scene Stern signed to the camera and was translated by the actor "behind" her, but there was no way he could have seen her hand gestures.

  • After the third commercial break, TC4771 is shown flying over land with two F16s following directly behind. Immeditaely after, the radar is shown with both F16s approaching the stolen plane from the sea in a perpendicular fashion.

  • This episode's bad guys are based on a real terrorist organisation called Jemaah Islamiya. JI is, in a sense, the Asian branch of Al-Qaeda.

Allusions (2)

  • Episode Title: Extremist Makeover This is an obvious allusion to the fellow ABC reality show, Extreme Makeover.

  • The "19 seconds" title is in reference to the total time of the shootout from start to finish.