Three Moons Over Milford

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (3)

  • Laura: Allegria? Alex: (Reading Letter)"Dear Miss Laura, Im so sorry I leave you. You be very good to me." Oh no not another. Laura: She probably went to Puerto Rico, to be with her family. Alex: Yea, "I take two-hundred twenty-two dollars from your dresser" Laura: Good. Alex: Good?! Laura: She took it, she needed it to get home. Alex: "I also take two of your watches from your drawer and a necklace with diamonds, I sell them to go to New York because I want to be Opera Singer, maybe famous and learn, I pay you back when I can."

  • Laura: (to Lydia) You burned down their school doing Witchcraft? Lydia: Mum, I was trying to help. Laura: We are Methodists!

  • (Vijay walks in to see Alex and Claire in various stages of undress on the rug in the house he's buying.) Claire: This isn't what it looks like... (pauses a beat and begins laughing) Actually, it's EXACTLY what it looks like!

Notes (3)

  • This show is shot outside Vancouver, Canada, most of the exteriors in a nearby town called Ladner.

  • Pete Waddell was supposed to be named Pete Watson.

  • This is the series finale.

Trivia (4)

  • We see Alex almost naked in this episode.

  • Lydia kisses Kurt in this episode

  • Teddy Geiger's "A Million Years" plays in the background.

  • The song at the beginning of the episode is Teddy Geiger's "For You I Will" (Confidence)

Allusions (3)

  • After being tackled by Grace Wochuck. Michelle: What are you, a safety for the Patriots? The Patriots is a reference to the NFL's New England Patriots.

  • Episode Title: Wrestlemoonia This is a play on the word Wrestlemania, which is a Pay-per-view worldwide wrestling event.

  • Episode Title: Goodnight Moon is a childrens book written by Margaret Wise Brown.