Three's Company

ABC (ended 1984)
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  • S 8 : Ep 23

    Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Three's Company'

    Aired 5/12/03

  • S 8 : Ep 22

    Friends and Lovers (2)

    Aired 9/18/84

  • S 8 : Ep 21

    Friends and Lovers (1)

    Aired 9/18/84

  • S 8 : Ep 20

    Cupid Works Overtime

    Aired 3/15/84

  • S 8 : Ep 19

    The Heiress (a.k.a. The Inheritance)

    Aired 3/8/84

  • Cast & Crew
  • John Ritter

    Jack Tripper

  • Joyce DeWitt

    Janet Wood

  • Suzanne Somers

    Christmas "Chrissy" Snow

  • Norman Fell

    Stanley Roper

  • Audra Lindley

    Helen Roper

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  • After two unsuccessful pilots, Three's Company was finally picked up by ABC in January 1977 for a first season of six episodes. After the show began to air in March, ratings were high and it became one of the highest-rated midseason show of its time. The show had a simple premise - Jack Tripper (John Ritter, a student at a local cooking college, wanted to move in with two girls, Janet Wood (Joyce DeWitt) and Chrissy Snow (Suzanne Somers). The only problem - the building's landlord, Mr. Stanley Roper (Norman Fell), who lives in the apartment below with his wife, Mrs. Helen Roper (Audra Lindley). In order for him to stay, he would have to pretend to be gay The series quickly gained a pop culture status, while maintaining the high ratings, being one of the top rated shows during its third and fourth seasons. The end of the third season saw the exit of Mr. and Mrs. Roper, who moved to a new townhouse community for The Ropers, the show's first spinoff. In came a new, and much different landlord, Mr. Furley (Don Knotts). During the hiatus before the fifth season, Suzanne Somers asked for a raise from $30,000 to $125,000 per episode. The producers refused, and Suzanne began to lie so she could be absent from work. Because ratings began to decline with lovable Chrissy's absence, the producers created a new character, Cindy Snow (Jennilee Harrison), who played Chrissy's cousin for the remainder of the season. At the same time, Suzanne Somers would tape short tag scenes for the end of the episode the day before the taping. She was fired by the end of the year. Starting off fresh during the sixth season, the producers decided to have Cindy go off to UCLA to study to become a veterinarian. So, Jack and Janet needed a new roommate. Along came Terri Alden (Priscilla Barnes), the smarter and beautiful blond who was a nurse at the local hospital. She would remain on the show for the next (and final) three years. Ratings began to fall during the eighth season (as they normally do), and the producers had made the decision to end the show, and create a spinoff, Three's A Crowd. Theme Song: Come and knock on our door ... We've been waiting for you ... Where the kisses are hers and hers and his, Three's company, too. Come and dance on on our floor... Take a step that is new ... We've a lovable space that needs your face, Three's company, too. You'll see that life is a ball again, laughter is calling for you ... Down at our rendez-vous, Three's company, too!moreless

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    • Stanley: (after learing Jack was moving in with Janet and Chrissy) Not in my building! Jack: I swear, it will be completely platonic. Stanley: What's that mean? Helen: Like you and me, Stanley.

    • Jack: Do you mind if I eat in my boots? Chrissy: I'd rather you eat on the table.

    • (Jack brings his finished meal to the breakfast table) Chrissy: This breakfast looks good enough to eat.

    • Mr. Roper: That party upstairs kept me awake till three o'clock in the morning. Mrs. Roper: Oh really? I didn't think you could hear it over your snoring.

    • (Jack is cooking in the kitchen) Jack: Now for my special touch. I'll need some bread crumbs. Chrissy: I think I have some in my bed. Jack: Never mind. I'll make my own. Chrissy: Well that's silly. Nobody makes breadcrumbs; they just sort of fall off the bread.

    • Janet: Look, um, Patricia... Patricia: My friends call me Patti-kins. Janet: Okay, Patricia. The thing is, well we have a lot of other girls coming to look at the apartment. Chrissy: We have? Janet: We better have.

    • (Chrissy is scraping burnt toast with a knife) Janet: Oh boy, you really loused up that toast. Chrissy: It's not my fault; Eleanor didn't leave the recipe.

    • Chrissy: There's a man in there! Janet: A what?! Chrissy: A ma... a man; a guy, asleep in the bathtub. (Janet goes into the bathroom to check.) Chrissy: See? Janet: Yea. Chrissy: Is he a friend of yours? Janet: No. I never saw him before. Chrissy: Maybe he's a burglar. Janet: Oh sure, he came in to steal the bathtub and fell asleep on the job.

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    Notes (183)

    • George Roper was the landlord's name in the ITV (U.K.) sitcom Man About the House (1973 - 1976), on which Three's Company is based. George, and his wife Mildred, spun-off into their own series George and Mildred (1976 - 1979).

    • This episode's plot is similar to the one of the episode "A Man About the House".

    • This is the only Three's Company episode not to feature a character named Jack.

    • In this first pilot Mr. Roper's name was George.

    • In this first pilot instead of the roommates being named Jack, Janet and Chrissy they are named David, Samantha, and Jenny.

    • Taped February 11, 1977.

    • John, Norman, and Audra are the only ones to be in all three pilots.

    • Unlike, episode 1: Man About the House, this pilot has Jack moving in during the tag scene.

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    Trivia (151)

    • The party thrown was Eleanor's wedding reception. Chrissy tells Janet that Eleanor had to leave the party because of labor pains and that she ended up giving birth to a baby boy that weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces.

    • Goof: The roommates cannot live above the landlords due to the amount of stairs.

    • This is the first episode to show The Regal Beagle.

    • The cab that Mrs. Snow takes is the same one that Jack takes at the beginning of this episode. The reference was when Mrs. Snow was complaining about everything and she mention the cab's reeks of pickled eggs.

    • After Roper catches Jack and Karen in the living room together, Karen runs offstage to the left of the screen and a door is heard slamming even though a door is not seen, implying there is another room to the left of the living room. However, in all subsequent episodes, the Ropers' bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are all to the right of the screen and there appears to be just a wall to the left of the living room and no extra room is ever seen or discussed.

    • Goof: When Jack gives Janet her cameo she had pawn. Chrissy says, "Oh, Janet, your cameo!" If you listen closely you can hear an audience member mocking Chrissy's line.

    • Goof: The cake is on a table in the living room and Jack picks up a cut piece and eats it, yet you can see an entire uncut cake on the table.

    • Goof: Mrs. Roper is given the puppy as an anniversary gift and loves it, but yet the dog is never seen again.

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      The Waltons At the end of the episode, as a frustated Jack has to sleep on the couch, he says goodnight to Janet and Chrissy, then to John-Boy. This is an allusion the popular 1970's television drama, The Waltson, in which each episode ended with various characters saying goodnight to each other, including the show's protagonist, John-Boy Walton.  John Ritter even guest starred on the series as Reverend Fordwick before starring on Three's Company.

    • In this episode, Mr. Roper is looking forward to Charlie's Angels and Baretta on Wednesday night, which are both fellow ABC programs that were on Wednesday nights at the time.

    • The title alludes to the English fairy tale about "Jack the Giant Killer," a superhero-like figure who indeed killed giants as well as any many other villains, and was the basis for the children's story Jack and the Beanstalk.

    • Jack bought Peter Frampton's brand new LP I'm In You in this episode. That album was very popular in the summer of 1977, peaking at #2 on the Billboard Album Charts right behind Fleetwood Mac's Rumours!

    • The title is a pun on the name of the famous French dramatist, Cyrano de Bergerac.

    • The basic plot of this episode parallels with the I Love Lucy episode The Fur Coat. When Ricky gets the fur coat for his show at the club, Lucy mistakes it as a gift for her.

    • Chrissy: It's like The Young and the Restless. The Young and the Restless is a soap opera that has been airing on CBS since 1973.

    • When Chrissy asked Laurie if she wanted to listed to Peter Frampton's new album, she would have been referring to his 1977 album, I'm In You.

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