Hachiman's Honor

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  • 9.3

    A great episode with Haji-Man (Hachiman)the samurai.

    By Beholderppf, Jul 25, 2008

    This is really a great episode with Hachiman performance.Previously,he appeared in the first season episode:"the thunder-cutter" and in the second season episode "ThunderCats Ho! " and he will appear one more time in the episode :"the jade dragon ".Hachiman ,deceived by Mumm-ra was first a foe of the Thundercats but later he became a good ally of the Thundercats.

    In this episode,the Lunataks on their own carry out their best plan to delete the Thundercats.

    They use the hachimans thundercutter against the sword of Omens used by a powerful samurai robot called Automaton:It was a formidable opponent of Lion-O with the thundercutter.We also see magic against our friends being helped by Hachiman.At the end they defeat the robot and the Lunatacks.A nice cartoon from the 80s. Not to missmoreless

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