Monkian's Bargain

Season 1, Ep 39, Aired 11/14/85
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  • Episode Description
  • Monkian goes to Mumm-ra and agrees to give him anything if Mumm-ra will make him powerful enough to rule Third Earth. Mumm-ra agrees cleverly, and gives him Power Spheres which make him super strong and give him super weapons. He freezes all the Thundercats, then defeats Lion-O and takes the sword of Omens back to Mumm-ra. Mumm-ra takes it, and then says that Monkian's part of the bargain will be that he can keep the spheres, but he has to stay in Mumm-ra's pyramid for all eternity. Walls surround Monkian, and every time he breaks them down, a new set of walls shows up. While Monkian and Mumm-ra are arguing, Lion-O retrievs the sword and frees the other Thundercats. Monkian gives up his power to be free again.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Earle Hyman

    Panthro, Redeye, Ancient Spirits of Evil, Grune The Destroyer, Captian Cracker, Hammerhand, Cruncher

  • Lynne Lipton

    Cheetara, Wilykit, Mandora, Luna, Warrior Maidens

  • Doug Preis

    Lynx-O, Guardian of the Book of Omens

  • Earl Hammond

    Jaga, Mumm-Ra, Tug-Mug, Vultureman, Ratar-O, Snowman, Hachiman, Ro-Bear Berbils, Top-Spinner, Claudus

  • Larry Kenney

    voice of Lion-O / Jackalman

  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • Monkian bargains with Mumm-ra to give him the Eye of Thundera in exchange for great power and a price he wasn't expecting.

    By mellotron12, Oct 12, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (2)

    • Wilykit: What if we couldn't get the sword back from Monkian? Wilykat: Then he would've ruled Third Earth forever. Tygra: Don't be so sure of that, Wilykat. Some creatures are ready for power, some aren't. Panthro: Yeah, Monkian tried to make his own bargain with the sword, but he just couldn't cut it.

    • Monkian: I am invincible! I alone rule Third Earth! I... rule... Third... Earth! Mumm-Ra: Power has its price. Remember our bargain, Monkian. Monkian: I am not afraid of our little bargain, Mumm-Ra. Tell me the price of my power. I will pay now. Mumm-Ra: You rule Third Earth. But it is a kingdom you will never see! Because you can never leave my pyramid!

    Notes (2)

    • We learn that the area of Cat's Lair - and therefore all settlements that we've seen to be adjacent - are in Third Earth's Northern Sector.

    • Slithe, Jackalman, and Vultureman did not appear in this episode.

    Trivia (2)

    • In Cats Lair, Lion-O told the ThunderKittens to go to their battle stations. They ran out of the room and were not seen again until they hopped out of the ThunderTank in the Black Pyramid. Apparantly they didn't try to rescue the other ThunderCats still trapped in spheres around Cats Lair while Lion-O and Snarf were prisoners in the pyramid.

    • Mumm-Ra was in his sarcophagus with the Sword of Omens. When Lion-O partly opened the sarcophagus to try and get the sword, it should have brought Mumm-Ra out but it didn't. Instead he and the Sword remained in his sarcophagus with it partly open until Monkian challenged him.

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