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Quotes (5)

  • Panthro: We came to say we're sorry. Lion-O: We miss you at Cats' Lair. Panthro: And we need you. You're a valuable part of the team. We've always known that. It's just that we never let you know it. Lion-O: But we're going to change all that. And I want you to promise me that if ever there's anything bothering you, you'll come and talk to us about it.

  • Kudi: You should never have run away like that. Running away never solves a problem, in fact it makes it worse. But from what you say, the ThunderCats must take some of the blame too. Wilykit: What did they do? Kudi: They didn't talk to you to find out whether you were happy. Wilykat: The ThunderCats are too busy for all that, Kudi. Kudi: There's no such thing as too busy, Wilykat. If you care about someone, you make the time for them.

  • Tygra: You two are ThunderCats. You won't have much time for your new friend. You have obligations and responsibilities. Wilykat: Ha! What responsibilities?! Half the time we have to stay home and miss all the action anyway!

  • Lion-O: Blankets! They obviously plan on being away for awhile. Those rascals!

  • Wilykat: What does it matter if they do worry? It'll teach 'em a lesson for ignoring us!

Trivia (1)

  • At the beginning of the final scene, Wilykat and Wilykit are sitting in Kudi's home talking about everything that's happened. Wilykit says, "Then somehow, Mumm-Ra found out about you." But even though it's Wilykit's voice, it's Wilykat's mouth that is moving.