Vultureman's Revenge

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    Just an all around enjoyable episode.

    By CodeofThundera, Jul 16, 2006

    Since "Runaways" a couple episodes before this one, the writers focused more on Lion-O's relationship with his youngest colleagues. In this episode the ThunderKittens are flung into danger when they decide to attack Vultureman's new Thundranium machine and it's Lion-O and Snarf off to their rescue.

    Snarf's reaction to thinking the ThunderKittens was dead was a sweet moment and showed how much he cares for the two littled Cats.

    It was just a good, fun episode with the youngest ThunderCats getting some action where they battled Mutants, a Lunatak, as well as a giant snake. Wilykat showed that he was maturing, taking a stand to go down fighting when all hope seemed lost. Even Bengali got into the action who along with Lion-O and the Thunderkittens would make up the four youngest ThunderCats.moreless

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