Time of Your Life

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    By confusedboy24, Feb 03, 2006

    This is just a fabulous show that had a female lead without having super strength i.e.: Wonder Woman, Xena and Buffy that lead us into her feelings of finding her father in the big apple trying to fill in the wholes she has left open. I loved Sarah Reeves because she was funny, smart, elegant and just that she never tried to follow the trends that was around her and that’s one thing I loved about her. When it was finally canceled by FOX I was truly upset to see this great series go I know if it was brought back now I would say it would do better than it did back in 1999 because I think people back than didn't really have an open feeling about these things but now due to The OC I think it would have a huge chance of surviving in the ratings.moreless

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