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  • 9.0

    Best CN show ever!

    By bautistakenrick856, Apr 06, 2015

    That's all I can say about this show that was also part of my childhood.

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  • 5.5

    This show sadly was very, very weird.

    It was about 3 going into time and correcting historical errors from those who "somehow"erroredof theirhistoricallyways.

    Uh, what?

    By LaserAlloy, Nov 15, 2011

    Personally, I found the whole plot kinda silly and ridicoulous.

    Not to mention it felt like a ripoff of Sherman and Peabody.

    I mean, they also basically fixed historical errors to be honest, so it's not thatoriginal.

    But to be honest, the whole idea of fixing history unless there's a good explanation why that makes sense seems really stupid and unnecessary.

    Seriously, why would historical figures all of a sudden not follow history, especially since it's called, "History?"


    Ironically though, the best episode IMO were the ones that had nothing to do with fixing history.

    It was the ones that involved personal conflicts between Tuddrussel and the Larry-3000

    I mean, I thought it was hilarious when the Larry-3000 and Tuddrussel basically drew a line in their base, only to end up on each other's side. XD

    And then the one where the Larry-3000's programming go a muck and ends up being Tuddrussel's slave in terms of giving him burger after burger after burger.

    I'm sorry, but that is just too funny.

    Why in the world weren't there more episodes like this?

    Fixing historical timelines that had no basis to go off track in the fix place seems just a silly and stupid idea.

    So yea, the show was bad, but it wasn't horrible I'll admit.

    And to be honest, I would have loved to have seen aspin offof Tuddrussel and the Larry-3000 basically having to live in a tiny aparment, trying to keep from driving each other nuts.

    Now that would have worth watching.moreless

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  • 10

    A show ahead of its time, Time Squad appeals to everyone with its funny humor, parodies of historical characters, and wacky stories

    By That_TV_Dude, Jun 05, 2011

    Time Squad was one of those shows that was ahead of its time but it never lived to its full extent. The story is about a cop named Tuddrussel, his robot, Larry, and an orphan they picked up in the 21st century who is also a history whiz named Otto. All three of them together must go back in time and correct any mistakes in the past that famous historical people did. Tuddrussel comes off as the funniest character with him always thinking of violence as the answer and never thinking at all, and watching him fight with Larry is humorous as well. Larry is the more serious of the gang but when he fights Tuddrussel, that's where his humor soars. Otto is usually the most serious but he can be funny from time to time. The stories themselves are very funny to watch, especially the parodies of the historical people. Abraham Lincoln is a criminal, Edgar Allen Poe is a happy person, and Julius Caesar is a fat slob who is destroying Rome. It's just funny to see famous people be the oposite of who they were and each episode will always guarantee you plenty of laughs. The artwork and animation look really good for its time and hasn't aged at all, it still looks fantastic. Time Squad was a great show while it lasted, but it was ahead of its time and got the boot too soon. Hopefully CN or another kids network will pick it up and make new episodes, they didn't even scratch the number of famous people and the parodies they could have done with them. Check this show out of you can, it is worth your time (no pun intended).moreless

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    I want it back on TV!

    By ffmotorsports51, Dec 22, 2010

    I really liked this show when it first came on in 2001. This show is really funny, and it will keep you laughing the whole way through. My favorite episode was the one when the Time Squad had to correct Edgar Allen Poe's mistake. Edgar Allen Poe was famous for his dark poetry, and inventing the horror story genre. In the episode however, Edgar was writing happy stories instead of horror stories. The funniest part was when Edgar dressed up like a clown. I was cracked up! All right, now to why I want this show back on TV. This show is better than uhhh..would a Squirrel Boy, Bakugan, Out of Jimmy's Head, Chop Socky Chooks, and Baby Looney Tunes ring a bell? Time Squad is alot more enjoyable, and funny than the listed above shows. I have not seen this show in 5 years, until just yesterday. I watched this show on CN Video. Still, watching Time Squad is better on TV than on the computer. Cartoon Network, put this back on TV PLEASE!!!!! I think your ratings will go up.moreless

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  • 9.5

    I remember how much I used to love this show

    By god234, Jun 15, 2008

    It's been a while since I have seen this show on television, but I can remember how much I absolutely loved the show and thought it was hilarious. I liked the concept of a team going back in time to fix history. One of my favorite episodes was when they went back to fix the name of the sandwich, and how Larry's food became more popular than the other guy's "stinky pile of poo." I don't remember much of the episodes, and it has been a very long time since I actually watched Cartoon Network, but if it still shows, I recommend it as an entertaining way to learn about history.moreless

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  • 9.5

    This show really got me interested in history.

    By Connman14, Jun 12, 2008

    I first saw this show in History class. My teacher loved the show and he thought it would get us into history. I dont know about the other kids but it worked for me. I liked the show so much becasue behind every joke of a historical character there is a bit of truth. I love all the characters and the plot is actually really good. When my teacher first told us about the show I thought it was going to be stupid and educational. But no it was funny and somewhat educational. I loved this show and I was really sad when it stopped getting new episodes.moreless

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    Why CN, why did you cancel this awsome show?

    By 123e3, Sep 28, 2007

    Bring it back man, I loved this show. It was funny, educational, and origional. come one, can't at least 1 producer from CN read our reviews. You'll see that a lot of people miss this show. Every review I read liked and/or missed this show. It taught us all about history and it also had all of that non-boring, fun stuff. I used to watch it all of the time. The guy who played Ottow's voice now voices that idiot Andy from that stupid show Squirll Boy. What a waste of good talent! So bring back that show of whom we all miss!moreless

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  • 10

    A cop, a robot, and an orphan from the 21st century live on a space satillite in the year 100 million and travel back in time to fix mistakes in history.

    By BackyardTaang, Jun 30, 2007

    Why on Earth did Cartoon Network cancel this show? It was hilarious, educational, and has a fantastic animation style. All of the episodes of this classic show were amazing. This show really has to be brought back. If they can't make new episodes at least show reruns or release season DVD box sets.

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  • 8.1


    By moonlightway, May 12, 2007


    Time Warp is one of those shows you never really appreciate until it's gone. I didn't have cable when this show premiered and I really didn't mind not being able to watch it. When I finally got cable back(3 years later) I got to see this show again. It came on at like 1AM in the morning. This show is weird and funny at the same time. It's also accompanied by weirdish animation. I can't remember some of the episodes, but if they bring this show back, I'll watch them all for sure! It was a great show, but short lived.moreless

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