Time Warp

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Quotes (5)

  • Narrator: Now please tell us that you really do not need to be reminded to not try this at home Right? Good.

  • Rusty: This is one of those don't try this at home moments. Narrator: Ya think?

  • Narrator: Ok let's recap shall we explosives, wobbly giant tripod, skeptical fire chief, and near bullet speeds. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Narrator: Ok 1 this is a fake bottle, 2 fake or not fake bottle don't try this a home or a bar or any place.

  • Narrator: Leftover explosives and things that cry out to be exploded someone could easily get inspired someone like oh Jeff for instance.

Notes (12)

  • When Matt first attempted the beer bottle trick, he actually ended up cutting his hand and needed to get stitches. In all subsequent attempts at the trick, Matt and Jeff decided to wear work gloves.

  • Originally, Chad was supposed to juggle knives and Tasers, too, but due to time constraints on the shoot day, those two stunts were dropped. In a few shots, though, you can see the items prepped and ready under the table with the chainsaws on it.

  • The "ramp up" shot at the beginning of the blender segment was actually taped many days later during the "Breakdancing" shoot. That is why breakdancers can by seen in the background.

  • While shooting the "Dry Ice Bomb" segment, nobody was expecting the glass in the water tank to shatter. That's why the crew seemed so amazed after the explosion, and why everyone rushed to secure the very expensive camera equipment.

  • The "Don't try this at home!" piece at the end of the episode was shot later in the season during the "Mountain Bikes" segment and shows most of the Time Warp production crew.

  • The girls seen at the end of the Bubbles segment were recruited outside the Time Warp Studio by a production assistant moments before that scene was shot. The director thought adding them to the shot would make it more beautiful.

  • Another scene was shot for the "Fuel Girls" segment which used a dummy to show what would happen if a fire-breather blew the flames down instead of up. It was eventually cut from the segment.

  • Two additional scenes were shot for the "Jackhammer" segment but were eventually cut from this episode - hammering and sledge hammering.

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Trivia (6)

  • Jeff needed two takes to get the table cloth pull right. It only took Matt one take to get it wrong.

  • This is the first episode to explicitly show and refer to Joseph, who was Matt's high-speed camera assistant during the Pilot episode and all of Season One.

  • Manny Sighting: During the yo yo segment, in the background with one of the bicycles from "Trail Bikes."

  • This is the first time Robin, the show's Art Department Lead, is explicitly named and shown on camera, despite her previous appearances during the yo yo and bullet-resistant armor segments.

  • Manny Sighting: During the break-dancing segment, in the background tending bar.

  • Manny Sighting: During the power tools segment, in the background dressed like a construction worker.