Timon & Pumbaa

Toon Disney (ended 1999)
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  • S 7 : Ep 16

    The Running of the Bullies / Special Deffects


  • S 7 : Ep 15

    You May Have Already Won Six Million Barka / My Meteor, My Friend


  • S 7 : Ep 14

    Two for the Zoo / The Swine in the Stone


  • S 7 : Ep 13

    All Pets Are Off / Boary Glory Days


  • S 7 : Ep 12

    Robin Hood-Winked /Serengeti Western


  • Cast & Crew
  • Rob Paulsen


  • Jim Cummings

    Ed the Hyena, Gopher, Mr. Bear, Additional Voices

  • Tress MacNeille


  • Brad Garrett (I)

    Boss Beaver

  • Corey Burton

    Quint, Speedy the Snail

  • show Description
  • This cartoon series is based on the popular Lion King movie. The sidekicks of the movie, a meerkat named Timon and a warthog named Pumbaa are the main characters of the series. Although the movie's main character, Simba makes some appearances. Main Characters TIMON is the fast-talking meerkat, the supposed "brain of the outfit", though often it seems that Pumbaa's general knowledge actually overshadows his. Timon is still the one to come up with the wittiest and craziest ideas to get them out of (or into) trouble. PUMBAA is the smelly, yet kind warthog who's always ready to help his friends. While Timon is often ready to break the rules to get what he wants, Pumbaa is usually honest and innocent in his intentions. QUINT is the main villain. He has appeared under dozens of aliases such as Congo Quint, Criminal Quint and Corteous Quint. SPEEDY THE SNAIL is a, well, snail. At first Timon and Pumbaa wanted to eat him, but when he started talking and singing, they just couldn't do it. Speedy gets into a lot of trouble for a snail, either he's about to be cooked alive by a French chef or somebody wants to make an earring out of him, and Timon and Pumbaa always have to rescue him. Recurring Characters Princess Tatiana only appeared in one episode, but she is a vital part of Timon's past, since he almost married her. The Natives seem to pop up in tropical places every now and then. In fact they are not really natives, just a bunch of college kids who like to spend their free time dressing up as natives. The Vulture Police are two "jungle police" vultures that always finish each others' sentences and talk very fast. Toucan Dan might seem nice, but he is a big liar and he can make you believe anything he says. He's prosecuted by the Vulture Police, and usually gets someone blamed for his misdeeds. Boss Beaver has the total opposite motto of Timon and Pumbaa, "Makuta Hamaka", which according to him means "work hard". Rabbit is a magical pink hare that Timon once pulled out of a hat. He appears in a few episodes and he always means trouble for the duo. Irwin the Penguin is a very unlucky penguin with a very annoying voice who causes problems for everyone around him, especially Timon, which is why Timon can't stand him. The Hyenas are the three dumb hyenas that we already met in the movie. Banzai, Shenzi and Ed, appear on the show sometimes even in their own segment. Simba from The Lion King makes an appearance a couple of times. Rafiki is another familiar character from the movie. He appears in his own episodes sometimes, and sometimes gives Timon and Pumbaa advice. Fred is Timon's old friend from his meerkat colony. He loves to pull practical jokes on people. Timon & Pumbaa is currently airing on Toon Disney, check your local listings! First Telecast: September 8, 1995 This series won 3 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program - Nathan Lane, Outstanding Individual in Animation - color director - Beethoven's Whiff and Outstanding Sound Mixing - Special Class. Episodes: 69 color animated episodes SHOW TIMES: Saturdays: 1:00PM on Toon Disney Weekdays: 1:00PM on Disney Channel.moreless

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  • Quotes (78)

    • Bampuu: Timon? Ever wonder what those sparkly dots are up there? Timon: Bampuu, I don't wonder, I know. They're fireflies. Fireflies that got stuck up in that big blueish-black thing. Bampuu: Oh. Okay. (silence) Timon: Bampuu? Aren't you going to say that you thought they were balls of gas burning billions of miles away?

    • Shenzi: Say y'know, that shuttle is one hot ticket! Banzai: Yeah, that ride blew us away. Cheetahto: Not far enough I'm afraid.

    • Banzai: Hey I want the front seat! You got the front seat last time! Shenzi: Oh you're right sorry. (moves to the back, Banzai moves up front) Wait a minute! (grabs him) There was no last time! (Ed laughs indistinctively) No way, you ride in the back with barkbreath!

    • Shenzi: (putting on a crash helmet) So lemme get this straight, you're callin' this "The Where-engeti What-lle?" Cheetahto: No, "The Serengeti Shuttle." Cheetato: Yes, not only does it give you the best view in the jungle, but the best view of what to EAT, in the jungle. Shenzi: Did you say eat? (Ed starts nodding eagerly) Banzai: That's what I heard 'em! I heard 'em say eat! Eat, is what I heard!

    • Shenzi: Gentleman, I have a feeling this whole thang was nothin' but a snow job.

    • Shenzi: Well, it was a little warm. Banzai: Yeah! And I gotta to tell you guys. I never heard of a shuttle without seatbelts and air bags. Shenzi: Plus, there was no room for carryin' our luggage. (Ed laughs indistinctly) Cheetahto: What did he say? Banzai: He said, "They didn't serve peanuts."

    • Pumbaa: Are you sure you did the right thing and returned the money, Timon? Timon: Of course I did, Pumbaa. That's why they gave me such a big reward. Pumbaa: But this looks like exactly $1,290,000 worth of stuff. Timon: Isn't that ironic? That was the exact amount of the reward!

    • Pumbaa: Wait a minute! Timon: Which is probably the amount of time we have left to live.

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    Notes (79)

    • Includes the episodes: "Never Everglades", "To Kilimanjaro Bird", and "Good Mousekeeping".

    • Includes the episodes: "Saskatchewan Catch", "French Fried", and "Big Top Breakfast".

    • Includes the episodes: "The Pain in Spain", "How to Beat the High Costa Rica", and "Cooked Goose".

    • Awards and Nominations: - Won the 1999 Annie Award for "Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Home Video Production" - Nominated for three 1999 Annie Awards for "Outstanding Individual Achievement for Music in an Animated Feature Production", "Outstanding Individual Achievement for Music in an Animated Feature Production" and "Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production" for Suzanne Pleshette for playing "Zira" - Won the 2001 Artistic Achievement Award - Won the 1999 First Prize Award for "Animated Feature Film"

    • Awards and Nominations: - Won two 1995 Oscar Awards for "Best Music, Original Score" and "Best Music, Original Song" for the song "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" - Nominated for two 1995 Oscar Awards for "Best Music, Original Song" for the song "Circle of Life" and "Best Music, Original Song" for the song "Hakuna Matata" - Nominated for the 2004 Saturn Award for "Best DVD Classic Film Release" - Nominated for two 1995 Saturn Awards for "Best Fantasy Film" and "Best Performance by a Younger Actor" for Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Won three 1994 Annie Awards for "Best Achievement for Voice Acting" for Jeremy Irons, "Best Animated Film" and "Best Individual Achievement for Story Contribution in the Field of Animation" - Nominated for three 1994 Annie Awards for "Best Individual Achievement for Artistic Excellence in the Field of Animation", "Best Individual Achievement for Artistic Excellence in the Field of Animation" for Mark Henn (supervising animator, young simba) and "Best Individual Achievement for Artistic Excellence in the Field of Animation" for Scott F. Johnston (artistic supervisor, computer graphics) - Nominated for the BAFTA Film Award for "Best Sound" - Hans Zimmer was nominated for the 1995 Anthony Asquith Award for Film Music - Hans Zimmer won the 1995 BMI Film Music Award - Won the 1995 Most Performed Song from a Film Award for the song "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" - Won the 1995 Artios Award for "Best Casting for Animated Voiceover" - Won the 1995 CFCA Award for "Best Original Score" - Nominated for the 1995 C.A.S. Award for "Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for a Feature Film" - Nominated for three 2003 DVDX Awards for "Best Games and Interactivities" for the Special Platinum Edition, "Best New Movie Scenes (Finished-Edited Into Movie or Stand-Alone)" for "Morning Report" for the Special Platinum Edition and "Best Overall DVD, Classic Movie (Including All Extra Features)for the Special Platinum Edition - Won three 1995 Golden Globe Awards for "Best Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical", "Best Original Score - Motion Picture" and "Best Original Song - Motion Picture" for the song "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" - Nominated for the 1995 Golden Globe Award for "Best Original Song - Motion Picture" for the song "The Circle of Life" - Won the 1995 Golden Screen with 2 Stars Award - Won the 1994 Golden Screen Award - Won the 1994 Golden Screen with 1 Star Award - Nominated for three 1995 Grammy Awards for "Best Instrumental Composition Written for a Motion Picture or for Television", "Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or for Television" for the song "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" and "Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or for Television" for the song "Circle of Life" - Won the 1995 KCFCC Award for "Best Animated Film" - Won the 1995 Blimp Award for "Favorite Movie" - Won the 1994 LAFCA Award for "Best Animation" - Nominated for two 1995 MTV Movie Awards for "Best Movie Song" for the song "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" and "Best Villain" for Jeremy Irons - Won two 1995 Golden Reel Awards for "Best Sound Editing - Animated Feature" and "Best Sound Editing - Music" - Won the 1994 NBR Award for "Best Family Film" - Won the 2004 Golden Satellite Award for "Best Youth DVD" for the Platinum Edition - Jason Weaver won the 1995 Young Artist Award for "Best Performance by a Young Actor in a Voiceover - TV or Movie" for the duet with Laura Williams - Laura Williams won the 1995 Young Artist Award for "Best Performance by a Young Actor in a Voiceover - TV or Movie" for the duet with Jason Weaver - Nominated for two 1995 Young Artist Awards for "Best Family Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical" and "Best Performance by a Young Actor in a Voiceover - TV or Movie" for Jonathan Taylor Thomas

    • when Simba lies down on the cliff a bunch of dust flies up in the air and forms the word sex. While singing "Hakuna Matata" Timon pulls some bugs out of a hole. One of the bugs is wearing wearing Mickey Mouse ears.

    • Both Boara Boara and Saskatchewan Catch can be found on the Disney DVD Around the World with Timon & Pumba.

    • "Saskatchewan Catch" can be found on the "Timon & Pumbaa" video, "Grub's On".

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    Trivia (34)

    • When Timon & Pumbaa stumble upon the scene where Simba is singing "I Just Can't Wait to Be King", it seems to occur about a day after the "Circle of Life" sequence. How could Simba possibly change from newborn to young cub in just one day?

    • Even though this film hasn't been released yet, I can tell that it contradicts T&P's backstory from the episode "Once Upon a Timon".

    • How did Timon manage to get his and Pumbaa's suitcase back (despite the fact that Quint's suitcase knocked it off the log when it landed)? Adding on, shouldn't Pumbaa and Timon be a little upset that they've lost some of their stuff?

    • Timon and Pumbaa live in Africa, but Criminal Quint lives in Tennessee. How did Timon and Pumbaa get to Quint's getaway so fast?

    • When we first see Timon and Pumbaa dressed as the salesman, they're a few feet away from the door, but in the next scene, they're like right in the door frame!

    • Something weird happens at the part where Quint knocks down the wall of his getaway. Either the hut got smaller or he got bigger! Either way, it doesn't make sense.

    • It's impossible for anyone to climb up a chimeny with ease.

    • How did Pumbaa and Timon manage to make the baby costume? Did Pumbaa shrink himself, or something?

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    Allusions (23)

    • Timon: The Omen's not around, is he? This is a reference to the film The Omen, which involves the child of the devil.

    • Clockwork Quint's costume is reminiscient of the one worn by the Marvel Comics' villain Immortus.

    • To Kilimanjaro Bird is a spoof of the book To Kill A Mockingbird written by Harper Lee.

    • Pumbaa: Jacker Cracks? An obvious parody on Cracker Jacks, one of America's most famous snack foods.

    • Gabon with the Wind is a spoof of the 1939 movie Gone With The Wind.

    • "Russia Hour" is a pun of the phrase "Rush Hour."

    • "Rocky Mountain Lie" is an allusion to the John Denver song, Rocky Mountain High.

    • "Amazon Quiver" is a pun of the "Amazon River," a river that runs through South America.

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