Mombasa-In-Law / LH: TV Dinner

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (4)

  • Narrator: North, south, east, and west, northwest,and southeast, and southwestern northern, and of course west of northeast. Yes! It's time for another exciting adventure in, "The Kingdom of the Creatures"! With your host, nature's pal, Martin Pardon! (audience is heard applauding

  • Martin: (yelling at Ronald) How am I supposed to do my show without a star?! (the hyenas walk up, growling, Martin gets nervous) What am I saying? I've got three stars right here, count 'em Ron! One, two, three! Hey, how 'bout that stardom now? There's beef jerky in it for all of you!

    Shenzi: No thanks, but speakin' of jerks, we got a beef.

    Banzai: Yeah, with you!

  • Martin Pardon: Cut!! Banzai: Thank you! I'm here through Saturday.

  • Banzai: (spitting out sand out of his mouth) Oh boy, that kind of rejection is awful hard to swallow. Shenzi: Hey, once you eat desert, you don't need dessert. (Ed Laughs)

Notes (2)

  • TV Dinner is the last of the Laughing Hyenas shorts.

  • Turns out, it was April Fools Day and Timon's Mom was just his practiacl jocking friend, Fred, in a costume.

Trivia (1)

  • This the episode get in costumes like in the scene where Martin Pardon tells about the Armadillo protects itself from predator, Shenzi comes out in a ballet costume and calls it the Balle Ballet. The next scene of what do Armadillo's do during the rainy seasons and the summer, Banzai comes in and sings in a costume that resmbles as Elvis Presley only with blonde wig and a white tuxeduo. In next scene, where aramdillo's don't take anything too sericously, Ed jumps in a comedian costume. At the end of the episode, they were director costume.