Once Upon a Timon

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    This is one of the best Timon and Pumbaa episodes I have ever seen. It talks about how Timon met Pumbaa, and how he rescued and fell in love with Princess Tatiana.

    By LDEJRuff, May 05, 2007

    The story begins when Fred convinces Timon to make up with Tatiana, leaving his post at the back gate of the colony abandoned. After a Cobra has kidnapped Tatiana, Timon, who was responsible for letting the Cobra in, was bannished from the colony. How he met Pumbaa, he rescued him from the hyenas, and the next day, he, with Pumbaa's help, rescued Tatiana from the Cobra. Tatiana was safely returned to the colony. However, Timon had to give up anything in the world he could ever want to be Pumbaa's friend. A fine start to a friendship. Hakuna Matata!moreless

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