Tin Man

Tin Man

Season 1, Ep 3, Aired 12/4/07
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  • Episode Description
  • DG tries to free her mother, Cain settles his vendetta against Zero, and Glitch attempts to reclaim his brain as they, along with Raw, try to keep the O.Z. out of permanent darkness as the double eclipse of the O.Z.'s twin suns approaches.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Alan Cumming


  • Kathleen Robertson


  • Raoul Trujillo


  • Zooey Deschanel


  • Neal McDonough

    Wyatt Cain

  • Fan Reviews (6)
  • Great conclusion!

    By VGFreak8, Jan 09, 2008

  • Too predictible

    By TVNerd95, Jan 01, 2008

  • A tragic doomsday is averted at the last possible moment in the finale of this mini-series.

    By AnAppleADay, Dec 12, 2007

  • The exciting conclusion to this wonderful miniseries.

    By 4nationfury, Dec 10, 2007

  • What a surprising little gem. Despite my initial reservation 'Tin Man' kept me enthralled from start to finish.

    By casholini, Dec 08, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (14)

    • Ahamo: Like it or not, DG, I'm your father. DG: No, no. I had a real father. He was a robot, but he was there for me. He was a good guy.

    • Cain: It amazes me that you once influenced the Queen... Glitch: I know! Me too.

    • Cain: I know what you're doing, kid... I've led men through battle myself. DG: And, um... How am I doing? Cain: Well, there's less hugging when I do it. But not so bad.

    • DG: I hope this is the perfect day.

    • DG: Two little princesses dancing in a row Spinning fast and freely on their little toes Where the light will take you No one ever knows Two little princesses dancing in a row

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    Notes (1)

    • Original International Air Dates: Slovakia: January 5, 2011 on Markiza

    Trivia (8)

    • As stated before, Ahamo is Omaha in reverse. William Jennings Bryan: Nebraskan, perennial Presidential candidate and "hot air balloon" in his own right, was no doubt the target of this reference in L. Frank Baum's story.

    • Goof: When DG pulls Azkadellia from the energy-platform, the evil witch is sucked out of Azkadellia's body. In this scene you can clearly see that the little "flying monster"-tatoos are left on Azkadellia's decollete. In the next camera-angle the monsters are gone even though they have not been sucked out and the evil witch has not been defeated yet (which would have destroyed the monsters anyway, I think).

    • Goof: When Glitch is telling Cain the number to shut off the machine, they get all the way to the last one, but the enemies break in before Glitch has time to say it. The henchman types back the numbers to get the machine to full power. Then, Cain, Glitch and Raw knock them out and Cain resumes where he left off. He only asks for the final number, but wouldn't he have to do all the other numbers again?

    • When DG discovers her mother's hidden message, Azkadellia finds it also. Though, the mother's message is different for Azkadellia than it was for DG.

    • In the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the Wizard of Oz isn't a wizard at all, but a con man, trickster, etc. He is from Omaha, and he was flying in a hot air balloon when he got trapped in a storm and landed in Oz... much like Ahamo. And as mentioned previously, Ahamo is backwards for Omaha.

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    Allusions (5)

    • The gray gale turns out to be Dorothy waiting to hand over the emerald at the old farm in Kansas. In the 1939 movie, Kansas was filmed in black and white, hence the name, "Gray Gale."

    • DG: What are those? Cain: Breadcrumbs for Azkadellia. This is a reference to the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel", in which the two children leave breadcrumbs to find their way home. Tutor had been leaving little devices behind as the group traveled so that Azkadellia would know which way they were heading.

    • Both the witch in Tin Man and the Wicked Witch in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz melted upon death.

    • The Dorothy Gale that DG meets and the silver slippers are all in the original book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

    • The hot air balloon that DG and her father use is taken from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It is what Dorothy and the Wizard travel in to return home.

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