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  • 8.5

    The Tiny Toons can't touch the Looney Tunes, but they're still great.

    By Orca36, Oct 30, 2014

    Tiny Toon Adventures was one of the cartoons I watched the most in the 90s along with the Disney Afternoon shows. In fact there was a time where I loved them more than the Looney Tunes. BLASPHEMY, I know, what was I thinking back then? But don't worry, I still like this show. Tiny Toons was the precursor to the Animaniacs after all. Which makes sense considering the similar bits of humor shared between them, like fourth wall breaking, pop culture references, cameos of famous celebrities of the time. This was just a great showing of all those, even if Animaniacs did them way better.

    I love the main characters of Tiny Toons. Buster and Babs Bunny (no relation) are the funniest of the characters. Which better be the case since the two of them are basically following in Bugs Bunny's footsteps. Luckily, both do a good job with their comedy. Plucky, Hamton, Dizzy and pretty much everyone else plays similarly to their Looney Tune counterpart. The major difference between the two shows though is how more modern most of the shorts are in comparison to Looney Tunes, with more well known celebrities from my time that I was able to recognize. Which was pretty cool. And I loved the idea of a cartoon university where they learn from Bugs, Daffy and the other classic cartoons. Also, I loved How I Spent My Vacation.

    Well, that's kind of all I really have to say to be honest. Tiny Toon Adventures is a great series with some likable and funny cartoons, even if they're not quite as great as their more well-known teachers, or the Animaniacs. If you see any showings on TV or online for Tiny Toons, I say check it out. You'll like what you see.moreless

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  • 7.0

    Once again, I`m not looking at the most original show but one that is good nonetheless

    By Raven77, Jul 03, 2014

    Seeing this show reminds me of the classic Looney Toons show. True, it does try to copy the same format that we`ve seen with the real show and it feels kind of annoying to see that it is the same thing with different I do find it has many hilarious moments, the show can feel a bit worn out as you know what to expect from most of the characters on the show and it has the same formats we`ve seen (like the cyote chasing the roadrunner and the duck frequently being the joke of the show with his slapstick situations). Still, I think most people will find this familiarity to be what makes this show good and it does have a lot of its funny moments so I suppose the show deserves a posetive review here.moreless

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    About the show

    By JordanWelch, Jun 23, 2014

    It had great writiing in 64 episode in season one, season two, 19 episodes in season three and song for the main title theme

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    i guess they don't make tiny toon show from 90's stuff like they use to I miss tiny toon show

    By corneliusraibon, Mar 28, 2014

    Cornelius bunny wear decepticon t-shirt I like bugs bunny what about mutant toons transformation looney tunes too bad tiny toon show got cancelled I love naked Lola bunny as Krystal Katrina since 2005 2006 in making I watch teenage mutant ninja turtles 1987

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    Top Shows - Like a young Looney Tunes

    By anastasia1243, Feb 08, 2014

    Various ep (95-03)

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    They put FUN in Funny!

    By T_VFan, Apr 30, 2012

    Bugs is the cutest and coolest bunny growing up. All of the looney tunes were great for children and will never grow old. I had fun following them growing up. They are sweet and intelligent creatures for your children to grow up with as well. The visuals are absolutely beautiful as well as the role playing!

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  • 9.5

    How I learned about this show

    By RicoColeman, Apr 28, 2012

    I was just watching the animaniacs on YouTube when I saw this show intro and then I watched it I didn't really think it was all that interesting But then when i looked up more eps for animaniacs I saw tiny toons again and then I watched 1 episode and now I am a big fan of tiny toons,it's the best 90s show after animaniacs

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    A Great Way To Commemorate Bugs Bunny's Debut.

    By Dawalk86, Oct 25, 2011

    It's among the best shows to emerge from Warner Bros. Animation. I learned some facts about it that I probably still never would have if it weren't for the Wikipedia article, like about how this was originally intended to be a movie. Also, this series was created to coincide with and commemorate what was at the time this premiered, the 50th anniversary of Bugs Bunny's first short, "A Wild Hare". This is just such a brilliantly well-done cartoon.

    One of the reasons why I've always loved Tiny Toons is because of GoGo DoDo, who is my most favorite character. He's the definitive, quintessential rep of animation and the ways he provides that coming from him cartoonish realm of Wackyland are what make him so cool. And he's got to be the most cartoonish of the cast. I like how there's been some episodes that hark back to a common theme of the classic era Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts (e.g. the "Hollywood Plucky" episode being a homage to and reminiscent of "Hollywood Steps Out", "Daffy Duck In Hollywood", "I Ought To Be In Pictures", etc.) and here are some interesting things about which I thought. Such as how the ghost from one of the "Return To The Acme Acres Zone" segments could be the successor of the ghost from the "Jeepers Creepers" short; whereas Furball was silent (save for the typical cat sounds) throughout most of the program's run and spoke rarely, how often Sylvester did and didn't speak was reversed, as he was known for talking more often than not and the few featurettes in which he appeared with him having no lines; and episodes that featured the '30s characters Bosko, Honey, Foxy, Roxy and Goopy Geer were my introduction to them. I wouldn't see any of their cartoons until years later and I didn't know until coming across the history behind Bosko and Honey on the net that they had designs differing from those in the episode in which they appeared, "Fields of Honey".

    Anyway, to fill in the info for those who may be reading this and are new to the show, it's about a group of younger cartoon characters who aspire to follow in the footsteps of the Looney Tunes characters and learn how to be funny by attending a cartoon comedy school known as Acme Looniversity (or Acme Loo). Among the attendants and their idols who are staffed there are Buster and Babs Bunny (who are fans of Bugs), Plucky Duck (fan of Daffy), Hamton Pig (fan of Porky) and more. Most of the cast aren't related to them (with the exceptions of GoGo being the son of the dodo, who's now known as YoYo, from "Porky In Wackyland" and Marcia Martian (who appeared once) being the niece of Marvin The Martian. Most episodes of this show are packages of three shorts or segments made for the then-new generation and were brought to weekday afternoon or Saturday morning t.v. For all those who may already be well- familiar with the LT/MM featurettes from the classic era and others who may detract the show due to it (in some of your minds and as far as y'all are concerned) not being as funny as those, that it's lacking/missing something or whatever other reasons, I say check it out anyway because of some episodes paying tribute to the Warner Bros. cartoon shorts of yore, as well as other episodes having pop culture parodies. Tom Ruegger (with, I think, executive production from Steven Spielberg) did a great job bringing this to light. I proclaim this to be one of the best cartoons of not only the '90s, but all time. And all I just typed are why I recommend it.


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  • 6.0

    It's fine to me.

    By woahwoah678, May 03, 2011

    They are tiny Looney Tunes.The little looney characters are kids.That is a better idea than what they did to that show Baby Looney Tunes.But the human idea was not really good.It's very not really good.It's not really one of those shows that I don't like,But is very fine to me.This show is really not one of them.I could say that it's a very fine show to me.My grade of this of this show is one of the letters and that letter is a C because it wasen't that good,but it was pretty a fair show to me on that Nickelodeon.moreless

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    Another cool cartoon.

    By Toonrater21, Jan 13, 2011

    I always liked watching Loony Tunes all the time when I was a kid. Then months later Steven Spielberg made Tiny Toon Adventures. I didn't really like that one. I payed no mind to it whenever it came on. Right now I'm a big fan of cartoons and it's animation. Two days before I made this review while I was walking and I saw Tiny Toon Adventures volume 1 DVD. So I checked it out. After I watched one of the discs I realized I was missing out on one of the greatest cartoons ever created. EVER!

    What I think of "Tiny Toon Adventures"


    Charming character design.

    Wonderful orchestrated background music.

    Very creative and cute.

    It's way of doing wackiness, fourth wall breaking, and free spirited attitude is a lot better then the way they are in cartoons nowadays.

    Nice for kids.


    Won't be aired on TV anymore.

    If your looking for a cartoon with true crazy wacky animation with your favorite characters, doesn't push crude humor too far, has the same gags and slapstick comedy you come to know and love from the original, and never got the chance to see it, then you will LOVE this show. Please don't fall for cartoons like "Flapjack" or "Foster's home for Imaginary Friends". Stick with the original. They're just wanna-bees.

    This show must return and knock all of these ridiculous repetitive cartoons off the air. And that's a wrap.moreless

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