Tiny Toon Adventures

The Return to the Acme Acres Zone

Season 1, Ep 52, Aired 2/4/91
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  • Episode Description
  • This Episode is a Sequal to The Acme Acres Zone. Real Kids don't eat Broccoli: Buster plays detective in the future and is hired to find a lady's (Which is Babs) Androids. Boo Hoo Hoo: Plucky and Hamton spend the night in a Haunted Hotel, and a ghost tries to scare The twosome to death. Duck Dodgers Jr.: Daffy reprises His role as Duck Dodgers of the 24th 1/2 century with Plucky as His Sidekick. Their Mission? to destroy a Mogrotranced magnifier which can suck up the universe like a vacuum, made by Marvin the Martian.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Joe Alaskey

    Plucky Duck

  • Tress MacNeille

    Babs Bunny

  • John Kassir

    Buster Bunny (1992-1993)

  • Cree Summer

    Elmyra Duff

  • Frank Welker

    Furrball/Calamity Coyote/Little Beeper/Go Go Dodo

  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • Why The Acme Acres Zone could be considered Non-Canon.

    By Kazaguruma45, Jul 08, 2008

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (4)

    • Ghost: Another night, another dollar. (punches his timecard) It's only a union job, no health plan. But who needs a health plan when you're already dead?

    • Buster: I'm a private eye. It's a tough job, with lousy hours, and little pay. But it's a cool way to meet babes!

    • Babs: So you're a detective. A sheamus, a sleuth, a PI, a peeper. Buster: And you must be a Thesaurus.

    • Detective Buster: So, there's Your droid, Ms. Bunny. Babs: But how did You know They were droids in disguise? Buster: Easy. Real kids don't eat broccoli.

    Notes (5)

    • Boo Ha Ha was originally supposed to be a completely different segment entitled Hi, Spirits, involving Hamton and Gogo finding a haunted house to use as a clubhouse, only for a meek Droopy-esque ghost to attempt and scare them away, to no avail, from hiding in a knight armor and loaf of bread, to even using a fake rubber bloody head (to which the Bloody Head Fairy, played by Elmer Fudd, snatches and leaves a quarter for.) It was written and storyboarded by Jim Smith and Bob Camp, and even went as far as having voices recorded (with Don Messick as the ghost), but was eventually scrapped in favor of Boo Ha Ha. Jim and Bob then took their version over to The Ren and Stimpy Show two years later, and rewrote it as the episode Haunted House.

    • Credit Gag: Byron Sniffing around and says "Woof".

    • This Episode marks the first and only appearance of Marcia the Martian. (Marvin's NIece.)

    • This marks the first time Joe Alaskey voiced Marvin the Martian. He voices the character on several other 1990s and 2000s productions, such as the Duck Dodgers animated series and Marvin the Martian in the Third Dimension (1996.)

    • For some reason the person doing the voice of George Washington's ghost was doing an impersonation of Bob Hope.

    Trivia (5)

    • When The Droids were about to explode, there were 6, not 7.

    • The Seven Robots upon Buster were disguised as Babs, Montana Max, Dizzy, Hamton, Furrball, Gogo, and Calamity.

    • When We first see the Fake Fifi, The table had no plate holding the Broccoli, next scene, the Plate magically appears.

    • while the Fake Fifi was drinking Her smoothie, She had no Bow, but once She disposed the broccoli stalk, Her bow was back.

    • The Droids in "Real Kids don't Eat Broccoli" are enemies in the last level of "Buster Busts Loose" for the Super Nintendo.

    Allusions (1)

    • The Episode "Real Kids Don't Like Broccoli" is a Parody of the 1982 Movie, Bladerunner.

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