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Quotes (215)

  • Babs: Requesting clearance for landing. Buster: Roger, rabbit! Babs: You've got the wrong rabbit.

  • Boss: (rips up a cartoonist's idea.) This is garbage! GARBAGE! No one wants to see a show about some rich little brat named Monty! (throws the idea in the bin and dumps it on the Cartoonist.) You'd better come up with a hit show by 9:00am tomorrow, kiddo. (holds up an ax.) Or it's the ax for us! Now, GET TO WORK!!! Cartoonist: Yes, sir!

  • Babs: (dancing around with a pencil eraser on her head) La la la! I'm Eraser-head! La la la! (sees Buster's drawing) What do you call it, Rembrandt? Buster: Green Acres. Babs: Get current. Buster: Okay, Acme Acres.

  • Cartoonist: (after drawing a sickeningly sweet rabbit cartoon) That'll give people cavities.

  • Buster: He just doesn't know star potential when he sees it. Babs: Who does? Buster: We do! We'll create the show ourselves for everyone who loves toons! For the little guys.. for the bigs guys.. for the strange medium guys with bad haircuts! Bugs: I like this kid. He's got moxie. Babs: But Buster, it takes dozens of highly paid network executives years to come up with a tv show! Buster: Which means... that it should takes us, about as long as this next commercial break. Babs: Exactly.

  • (After the cartoonist throws the drawings of Babs and Buster in the trash and they unfold themselves) Babs: Darn! 14 and I already have wrinkles.

  • Buster: I made up a list of everything needed for a hit TV show. Babs: Let's do Tiny Toons instead. Buster: Right. We need appealing stars. Both: Done. Buster: Also We need an exciting locale, Wacky but lovable neighbors, Archenemies, and stories.

  • Buster: Fowlmouth swears so much, his beak's been declared a toxic waste dump!

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Notes (254)

  • Unlike all the other Tiny Toon Adventures episodes, which would be animated by a single overseas animation company throughout the episode, this episode was animated by not one but TWO overseas animation studios: Wang Film Productions/Cuckoo's Nest Studios and Kennedy Cartoons. The reason why was because this episode was produced much later in the show's production schedule, and Warner Bros. disliked Kennedy Cartoons' inconsistent (not to mention sloppy at times) animation, so some scenes (such as the final chase scene in Monty's mansion) had to be re-sent to Wang/Cuckoo's Nest for the animation to be redone.

  • Funny Credit:  Created by Buster and Babs.
    Credit End:  Babs and Buster dressed in Hawaiian attire together shouting "Aloha!"

  • If you look carefully at the villans running out of that box, you can see Dr. Splicer, who's role will be important in "Hare Rasing Night", a Red Devil Who You'll see in the end of "Sawdust and Toonsil", The Metropolis Marvel Which will be in the start of "The Acme Bowl", and one of Max's Cronies from "Gang Busters".

  • The voice of the animator is provided by an uncredited Steven Spielberg.

  • This episode was the first Tiny Toon Adventures aired. It aired as a special on CBS Friday night. This show will have many different animators for each episode. Here is a key for following up with each episode: KC: Kennedy Cartoons A: Akom TMS: Tokyo Movie Shinsa W: Wang FC: Freelance Cartoons E: Encore ST: Startoons

  • This is a Plucky Episode.

  • Funny Credit:  Secret of quality animation:  Lotsa shadows.
    Credits ending:  Plucky quoting Shakespeare, "Parting is such sweet sorrow!"

  • This is a parody of the classic Star Wars movie. Now the show premieres on FOX as a daily show.

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Trivia (188)

  • A scene was cut during post-production in which Elmyra introduces herself to the rabbits during the audition sequence, then kidnaps the rabbits briefly and dresses them as babies, only for Buster and Babs to outwit her and get back to the auditions. However, a slightly-altered version of this scene was used at the beginning of Strange Tales of Weird Science, with a rough fade-in and dubbed-over dialogue at the beginning to make it sound as if Buster and Babs were running late.

  • When shown in reruns, the following scenes were cut out for time (these are restored on the DVD set):
    - The animator initially dresses Buster in a sombrero and a tutu.
    - Sweetie and Furrball audition. (However, Sweetie's name is still listed in the end credits.)
    - Gogo and Babs remark about the shortage of time to get the scripts back.
    - Buster quoting Bugs' lesson about how "villains always fall for cheesy disguises" outside Monty's mansion.

  • The scene where Sweetie and Furrball introduces themselves were cut out from TV in the past.

  • A scene where Buster is drawn a Mexican suit was cut out on TV, and was seen on the Comics.

  • Before the credits Buster and Babs asked for a created by credit in the show ironicly in the credits they acually got it.

  • When Babs says "Okay, you're all in!" and the line of characters stampede by her and Buster, Montana Max and Dizzy Devil can be seen in there, contradicting Their actual introductions a few minutes later.

  • When Buster takes the ticket, he's wearing his regular red shirt instead of his spacesuit.

  • When Elmyra sets Dizzy down on the toilet to shave him, he's missing his hat.

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Allusions (121)

  • Buster: Whoa! Who are ya, Ted Turner?!

    Buster's response to the animator's first attempt at his color scheme is a reference to the often-disastrous colorizations that Ted Turner was responsible for giving to the black-and-white films that his company owned.

  • Babs: So what do You call it, Rembrant? Buster: Green Acres. Babs: Get Current. Green Acres is an old show currently on TV Land.

  • Babs: Requesting clearance for landing. Buster: Roger, Rabbit. Babs: You got the wrong bunny. Roger Rabbit is the character from the 1988 Movie, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

  • The Shining Go Go says "Redrum Redrum" which is Murder backwards made famous in Stephen King's novel "The Shining" and the subsequent films.

  • Star Wars:
    Duck Vader references Darth Vader. Plucky dresses like Luke Skywalker. Buster dresses like Hans Solo, Babs dresses like princess Leia, and Hampton dresses up like R2-D2. The bull is Chewbacca. Duck Dodgers Duck Dodgers is a parody of Buck Rogers a member of the US military who goes into a coma and wakes up the 25th century. Duck Dodgers was Daffy Duck in the Looney Tunes Universe and became Duck Dodgers in the 24th and 1/2 century. Laser The situation where Plucky is going to be killed by a laser while on locked on a table is a scene famous in spy movies, such as James Bond. Porks Illustrated Swimsuit Issue A reference to the popular Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue.

  • Win, Lose, or Die: The Title of the third skit is a parody of the James Bond movie Win, Lose, or Die.

  • Wheel Of Fortune: The title of this episode, "The Wheel O' Comedy," is likely a parody of the game show, Wheel Of Fortune. Babs Bunny's alternate name in disguise is Vanna Pink, a reference to long time assistance Vanna White in the same game show Wheel of Fortune

  • Psycho: The scene where Elmyra tries to bathe Dizzy Devil, is a direct parody of the shower scene in Hithcock's Psycho.

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