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  • Episode Guide
  • S 2 : Ep 13

    Journey's End

    Aired 7/16/03

  • S 2 : Ep 12

    The Bridge

    Aired 7/15/03

  • S 2 : Ep 11

    The Sacrifice

    Aired 7/14/03

  • S 2 : Ep 10

    Good Day

    Aired 7/11/03

  • S 2 : Ep 9

    The Lost Symphony

    Aired 7/10/03

  • Cast & Crew
  • Rick Jones

    Puff Ball/Erebus/Digger

  • Sonja Ball

    Panther Cap/Beauty Stem (Credited as Sonia Ball)

  • Terrence Scammell


  • Bryn McAuley


  • Long John Baldry

    Mistle Toad

  • show Description
  • The show Toad Patrol was created by George Sarson based on the concept of "Toad Tunnels." He created his character Mistle Toad back in the 1980s and his idea became a springboard for the animated series that came to Canada's Teletoon and the United States' Toon Disney in 2002. Toad Patrol is an animated show that teaches important lessons on friendship, hard work, and more in every episode. You can learn more about the guiding principles behind Toad Patrol by checking out the detailed information at the official website. Toad Patrol has aired two seasons, with a possible DVD release coming. Unfortunately, the show is not in production and currently not on TV. Until recently, those in the United States could catch Toad Patrol every Sunday and Monday morning on Toon Disney at 4:30 A.M. eastern. Toad Patrol is not currently being shown on Toon Disney in the United States or YTV in Canada, but word has it that thirteen new episodes are in the works, so stay tuned. THE STORY There once were eight toadlets who missed the great migration and set out alone on a perilous journey through the treacherous forest. Join the Toad Patrol as they evade hungry snakes, shoot rushing rapids, outrun forest fires, and creep through toadstool graveyards. These brave and hard-working toads are Fur Foot, Panther Cap, Shaggy Mane, Slippery Jack, Puff Ball, Elf Cup, Beauty Stem and Oyster. All in an effort to find the mystical Fairy Ring and reach the safety of Toad Hollow. These toadlets have to be brave and have enough courage to go through this journey can these little toadlets make it in time or will they be left behind or even never see their family's again. The adventures begin on Toad Patrol on Teletoon. Expect to be suprised to what some little things can do because they can do anything they set their minds to. CHARACTER BIOGRAPHY Fur Foot - Fur Foot is the leader of the Toad Patrol who is very brave and wears brown overalls and has a red mohawk. Fur Foot is very capable of being a leader because he likes to help everyone in need. Even though Fur Foot did not start the Toad Patrol he is still the leader because everyone believes in him of being a great leader of the Toad Patrol. Panther Cap - Panther Cap founded the Toad Patrol and started this group because Mistle Toad taught him about the great migration that he missed and that he had to get to the Fairy Ring before it closed or he would never see his family again. Panther Cap is always wearing a green cap with an acorn he calls a "pointer". Shaggy Mane - Shaggy Mane is a great addition to the Toad Patrol team even if he does get into a lot of trouble. Shaggy Mane usually doesn't like to get into trouble because Furfoot usually gets a little fustrated when he's about to get hurt. Shaggy Mane has yellow shaggy hair and usually carries a whip around with him. He is classified as The Giver of Names because he gives everything a name when he sees it. Slippery Jack - Slippery Jack is the intelligence of the Toad Patrol. He has glasses and is very nice to his friends. Slippery Jack likes to hang around with his best friend, Puffball. Slippery Jack usually gets the Toad Patrol out of hard places like when the Toad Patrol didn't know which way to go during a storm or if they couldn't find the next Thunder Tree. As you can see Slippery Jack is also a great addition to the Toad Patrol team. Slippery Jack has a twin sister named Oyster you can look her up below. Puff Ball - Puff Ball is the largest toadlet of the Toad Patrol gang. His ability is that he is the strongest of the group and can pick up heavy items as well as prying the acorn they use as their pointer from the ground. Puff Ball tries to help and he does. Sometimes Puff Ball is a little annoying to the others of the Toad Patrol because of the way he talks, later on in this series the members get used to it and don't mind it at all. Puff Ball is also another great addition to the Toad Patrol. Elf Cup - Elf Cup is one of the three female toadlets of the Toad Patrol. She is always found with a blue flower in her hair and wears a pink dress. Elf Cup's favorite hobby is playing her toad flute. Elf Cup brings joy to the Toad Patrol and helps them when they are angry and fustrated. Elf Cup is one of the most playful toadlets in the gang. She and Oyster are the best of friends. Beauty Stem - Beauty Stem is the beauty of the Toad Patrol and also tends to be very nice too. Beauty Stem has purple hair and a beautiful voice. Beauty Stem is also a healer, when her friends are in need she will find a herbal cure for it. Beauty Stem is obviously a great addition to the Toad Patrol as well. Oyster - Oyster is the red-haired Toad Patrol member who is basically the playfulness of the group. Oyster is a very nice toadlet who likes to hang around with Elf Cup because they are best friends. Aside from this she is kind and gentle as well as a bit insecure. Oyster is happily a member of the Toad Patrol, you need gentleness and kindness sometimes too. Oyster's twin brother is Slippery Jack. Mistle Toad - Mistle Toad is the great wise toad who carries a staff along with him. Mistle Toad was left behind in the Great Migration to make sure that all of the toadlets would get into the Fairy Ring before it closed. Mistle Toad is not in the Toad Patrol but he guides them just the same. He would be a great addition if he was in the Toad Patrol. Earth Star - Earth Star is the cool toadlet who carries a banjo and sunglasses with him. Earth Star doesn't want to join the Toad Patrol because he has a long story behind him and decides to do things by himself and be independant. Earth Star's main dream is to make it to the Fairy Ring and save his friends that were toadlets and got turned into toadstools. If you have any questions, comments, or requests please feel free to send an e-mail. Feel welcome to send an e-mail if you've contributed to the guide and have any questions regarding your submission. E-mail Agent0042 at Toad Patrol is now available to DVD! Two DVDs, The World of Toad Patrol and Crystal Caverns are now available.. Each DVD features three episodes in three languages and will be released on video also. Another new DVD, Toadlets to the Rescue, will be available on December 6, 2005. There are also plans for the entire series to be released on video and DVD, so keep watching for more news. Still want to see other types of releases? If so, visit TV Shows on DVD. Registration is required, but is free and only requires a small amount of personal information to prevent people from voting more than once. Want to get some exercise and attend a fun Toad Patrol related event? Check out the annual Run for the Toad! Registration is closed for this year's event, but watch for another race next year!moreless

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (164)

    • Beauty Stem: (as the scene dims out) We have to stay together! We're the Toad Patrol!

    • Elf Cup: You can all stay and take orders from Fur Foot but I'm gonna have some fun!

    • Erebus: Hide little toadlets. Erebus is waiting.

    • Mistle Toad: And if a toadlet fails to reach Toad Hollow... Shaggy Mane: What? Something bad happens, doesn't it? Mistle Toad: I'm not sure you want to know.

    • Slippery Jack: He said his name was Erebus... Oyster: He wants to eat us! Who cares what his name is?

    • Fur Foot: Uh oh, the twins are arguing again. Slippery Jack & Oyster: Fur Foot! Don't call us twins!

    • Mistle Toad: Do you hear them, Panther Cap? Do you hear the Thunder Trees? Listen to them well. They will guide you to Toad Hollow.

    • Puff Ball: (about Panther Cap hearing voices) He's the youngest. Should've stayed in the Deep Wet a bit longer.

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    Notes (48)

    • Medea appears for the first time, but is not named yet.

    • Mistle Toad tells Panther Cap to listen to the Thunder Trees, which he can be heard saying at the end of the opening credits music in each episode. However, in the episode itself, he simply says "They will guide you to Toad Hollow," rather than "They will guide you to the Fairy Ring and, through it, you will find Toad Hollow."

    • Oyster comes up with the name "Toad Patrol" while pretending their search is a game.

    • Shaggy Mane receives his trademark coil when the vine he is swinging on snaps.

    • Close-captioning throughout the first season, at least on Toon Disney, gives the snake's name as Arabis.

    • Beauty Stem receives her trademark "shine" from the fireflies.

    • Fur Foot receives his trademark hook from Mistle Toad.

    • This is the only episode where Beauty Stem, rather briefly, wears her hair down.

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    Trivia (11)

    • When Puff Ball is on the log drifting, he goes to help the twins. When he picks them both up and tells them to hold tight, his eyes change color very briefly. They appear a dark brownish/purple.

    • When Beauty Stem is asking Fur Foot if he saw any toadlets, you can see her hair is already in a ponytail. When the shot closes up on her, she is just putting her hair up in a ponytail.

    • In the English version, when Oyster was about to Fling the Red Crystal at Shaggy Mane, telling him that he isn't the Boss, in the Spanish version, she told him to be quiet.

    • The Talking Wet's flashback shows the toadlets fall over after pulling Puff Ball and Beauty Stem up the root. Then it cuts to Puff Ball and Beauty Stem still climbing up the root.

    • The end of the episode is the first time Puff Ball uses the phrase "up the hill, down the hill, it never ends." He never says it again in first season however, it becomes his trademark phrase in the second season.

    • Where Slippery Jack is usually shown using his right hand to make notes or draw (ex. Crystal Caverns when he first receives the pathfinds), in this episode he is seen using his left hand to draw up the plans.

    • When Mistle Toad criticizes Elf Cup's successful plan to send Medea away as being irritated, Fur Foot appears to wince at the criticism before even two words of it are out of Mistle Toad's mouth.

    • In "Night Fright", Elf Cup got lost and chased by a fox that had yellow eyes. In this episode, the Toad Patrol gets chased into Hotspur's home. Elf Cup says that they don't want anything from Hotspur but instead they were chased there by 'Green Eyes'.

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    Allusions (3)

    • Mistle Toad: Listen to the Thunder Trees, Panther Cap. Listen to them well. They will guide you to the fairy ring and through it, you will find Toad Hollow. At the end of the theme song in each episode, Mistle Toad makes this plea and in this episode, the Toad Patrol finally finds the fairy ring they've been seeking. However, being a beam of light that serves as a portal, this fairy ring is far different from the fairy rings of legend. These fairy rings were said to be circles of mushrooms around which fairies danced. Any human who stepped into one would be compelled to dance as well, possibly dancing endlessly unless someone helped them out.

    • Puff Ball: And we don't like Barnaby, so we don't like frogs.
      Fur Foot: Hold it!
      Calypso: And when you meet a toad you don't like, are you going to hate all toads? Including your brother and sister?
      The "Choices" episode focuses on many deep issues, including prejudice. Puff Ball and Elf Cups' behavior can be explained and traced back to an earlier episode, Trojan Duck, where they met Barnaby and didn't have a very pleasant experience. That makes them act out against Calypso, who has been nothing but nice to them.

    • Juno mentioning them meeting another turtle and letting him know that she's interested in a date may be an allusion to an elderly male turtle, Morty, who they meet early on in an episode called The Fire.

  • Fan Reviews (5)
  • As A Matter Of Factoid, As The Patrol Went Through The Fairy Ring, They Are Officially Immune To Becoming A Toadstool. But The Instruments In Season 2 Is An Exception.

    By Kowloon5, Dec 21, 2005

  • Toad Patrol Must Come Back!

    By Knight42092, Sep 24, 2005

  • IT'S A BIRD, IT'S A PLANE, IT'S TOAD PATROL!!! season one was the start of a major journey for these eight spontaneous little creatures called toadlets and the next season only gets better. what is the name of this awesome show again?!

    By Tinker_Jet, Jun 19, 2005

  • You want adventure? You got adventure. Toad Patrol is one of the wildest adventures of any classically animated cartoon. Follow eight toadlets who've missed the Great Migration as they face many dangers on their impossible quest to safety...

    By ilovemytv, Jun 15, 2005

  • Eight late-born toadlets go on the adventure of a lifetime as they make their way home to Toad Hollow before a terrible fate befalls them. Their journey unfolds in this wonderful children's show that can be appreciated by all.

    By Kudoshido, Jun 15, 2005