Toad Patrol

Journey's End

Season 2, Ep 13, Aired 7/16/03
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  • Episode Description
  • Both old friends and enemies are out in full force as the toadlets make the final journey to find and play the instruments in the hopes of turning all of the forests' toadstools back into toadlets. Oyster and Puff Ball find themselves in a continuous battle with Medea to prevent the thicksicles from being destroyed. Oyster finds that a talk with Sigmund and some singing helps to calm her down. Meanwhile, Mistle Toad's group hooks up with Loki, who shows them that the strum-along instrument they're looking for is inside a wet drop. He then helps them with a clever ploy to get rid of Erebus, who had decided to set up camp and then go on a toadlet hunt after the music was played. Finally, Fur Foot, Panther Cap and Elf Cup meet up with Calypso Frog. She shows them how to reach the tooter instrument they're looking for, but they realize that it's broken, which is likely why the Ancients stopped playing the music. It becomes a race against time to find an alternate instrument, as Mistle Toad waits until the yellow ball rises again to give the signal.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Sonja Ball

    Panther Cap/Beauty Stem (Credited as Sonia Ball)

  • Terrence Scammell


  • Bryn McAuley


  • Rick Jones

    Puff Ball/Erebus/Digger

  • Neil Shee

    Shaggy Mane

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  • Quotes (6)

    • Slippery Jack: Why don't we let Loki take him to a place with lots of toadstools? Beauty Stem: (panicked) We can't do that! Slippery Jack: Oh, yes we can!

    • Erebus: (pointlessly pleading with a patch of mushrooms) Come on! Didn't ya' hear the music. Change, will ya'? Come on, let's see a little hopping. Don't be shy. I'm waiting. I'm getting angry. I'm getting really angry. Aw, come on. This isn't fair. Everyone went to so much trouble, just for you. Now be good little toadlets and hop to it. Please? For me.

    • Erebus: I'm tired of waiting for you to turn yucky toadstools into bite-sized toadlets.

    • Puff Ball: No Medea. No signal. No Medea. No signal. Medea. No signa... Medea! No!

    • Shaggy Mane: Triple toad wow. You ever see anything like this?
      Mistle Toad: Oh yes. Wet drops hide many secrets.

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    Notes (3)

    • Both seasons of the show end with Erebus, the main villain character, pleading about something.

    • Clive Endersby is the writer for the opening and closing episodes of both seasons.

    • Lots of new toadlets are seen as the toadstools all change back into toadlets. Past friends seen in this episode include Calypso Frog, Loki, Digger, The Outsider, Daphne, and the Tunnel Toad.

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