Tom Terrific

CBS (ended 1961)
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  • S 2 : Ep 13

    The Everlasting Birthday Present

    Aired 12/15/58

  • S 2 : Ep 12

    Robins Nest Crusoe

    Aired 12/8/58

  • S 2 : Ep 11

    The End Of Rainbows

    Aired 12/1/58

  • S 2 : Ep 10

    The Big Dog Show-Off

    Aired 11/25/58

  • S 2 : Ep 9

    The Flying Sorceror

    Aired 11/18/58

  • Cast & Crew
  • Lionel G. Wilson

    Tom Terrific, Mighty Manfred, and others

  • Bill Weiss

  • Gene Deitch

  • show Description
  • Tom Terrific was a serialized animated series created by the Terrytoons studio specifically for the Captain Kangaroo show which aired on CBS weekdays mornings and Saturday mornings. Gene Deitch, who was brought in to give the studio a creative kick in the pants, created the series and served as director. Deitch's springboard for the show was a comic strip he created in 1955, "Terr'ble Thompson," about a little boy who fancied himself as the world's greatest hero and engaged in flights of fantasy. Deitch abandoned the strip when Terrytoons tapped him to be the studio's creative director and he refurbished the character into Tom Terrific.CBS's budgets for the show were threadbare at best--backgrounds were simplified and the animation usually wasn't even painted. But what transcended such lack of quality control were appealing heroes--Tom and his narcoleptic sidekick Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog--and some imaginative storylines. Tom wore a funnel on his head that served as his thinking cap, and he possessed the ability to change into whatever the situation called for.Lionel Wilson furnished all the voices for the show, and Philip Schieb provided all music--comprised mainly of banjo and accordian. Two seasons of shows--13 stories per season--were produced and replayed on Captain Kangaroo until 1961. Episodes would be replayed throughout the 60s on Captain Kangaroo, and stories would be shown in their entirety albeit in three divided segments on the Saturday Captain Kangaroo show. It went syndicated afterwards. It is currently owned by Viacom.moreless

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    • Theme for season 1: I'm Tom Terrific Greatest hero ever Terrific is the name for me 'Cause I'm so clever I can be what I want to be And if you'd like to see Follow, follow me If you see a plane on high A diesel train go roaring by A bumble bee or a tree--it's me! When there is trouble I'm there on the double From Atlantic to Pacific They know Tom Terrific!

    • The ending titles for the first season (following the conclusion of each story arc): Tom: Well, we're back at our secret headquarters, Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog...(to camera) But watch for us, kids. We're on our way to another great adventure. Aren't we Manfred? Uh, Manfred? Manfred?! (Manfred's asleep; Tom folds Manfred's arms over his chest) Collapsed from exhaustion from the rigors of our last adventure!

    • The theme for season 2: I'm Tom Terrific Great adventure lover With Mighty Manfred at my side Villains run for cover I can be anything you see Change my shape most readily How I do it puzzles me If you see a rocket blast A sailing ship go sailing past A little flea, a golden key--it's me! All kind of fun things I'm never just one thing T-E-R-R-ific My name's Tom Terrific!

    • The ending title following the last chapter of season 2 stories: Tom: Mighty Manfred, your blood will tingle when you hear what our next really great adventure will be... Tom whispers in Manfred's ear; Manfred reacts in fear Manfred: D'oh, no! I'd rather stay home and watch you on the TV! (Manfred's mouth forms the letters "T" and "V" at the end of this) Tom: (to us) Don't miss it, friends!

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