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  • Howard: Betty Boop was all girl and the first screen character to really act like one.

  • June Foray: Recording was such a joy. It was like going to a party every night.

  • Jerry Beck: (referring to June Foray) She is the queen of cartoon voices.

  • Howard No matter the era, cartoon women are always in style. Some times, they even define it.

  • Howard: The cartoon woman is perfect. Just ask the animator.

  • Tom Kenny: Any character who has a catchphrase is kinda memorable.

  • Howard: He may not get the girl but the second banana gets the laughs.

  • Howard: The sidekick is critical to animation story telling.

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Trivia (1)

  • In this episode, Howard admits that he was roomates with Fred Flintstone and that he was the one that came up with the catchphrase, "Yabba-Dabba-Doo!," and Fred stole it from him.

Allusions (3)

  • The Honeymooners Howard mentions that the character of Barney Rubble from the show The Flinstones was inspired by the character Ed Norton. The Honeymooners was a fifties comedy series about two couples who were neighbors and friends and the many incidents and adventures they shared.

  • The Biggest Loser Howard refers to the show in the opening when he appears and talk about winding up on the show as a contestant unless you are careful. The Biggest Loser is a weight loss reality show where celebrity trainers help overweight contestants lose weight and change their lives in the process.

  • Ghostbusters The episode refers to the movie when talking about other cartoon shows that aired during the same time period and a lawsuit that resulted over perceived similarties. Ghostbusters was a 1984 science fiction/comedy film about three men who start a ghost extermination business in the city of New York.