Make A Splash

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    i really liked the candy bar challenge .... but not the elimination challenge

    By tntdwnldr, Sep 25, 2011

    So this was again one of those episodes where u see better things on the quick challenge than on the elimination one.

    i get really bugged when they make this type of challenges when they have to produce under non related situations... i mean common serve deserts on a waterpark?? ok well maybe it isnt as crazy as others but ithink that it wasntencouragingenough or it was just not something u can clearly set ur mind off because well who has ate something really really good at a water park? i think that the girl that waseliminatedwasnt fair... she did better thatn others but the fact that she had to wait to get her plate rated was a downer. there was this guy with the short strawberry cake that made them all wait because he made something on the fly and most judges and people said it wasnt really a wow or pleasant.moreless

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