Cast and Crew Meal

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Quotes (4)

  • Susur: I got to eat some food. (trying Maria's salmon) Very nice. When you're hungry, everything tastes good. Maria: Uhmmmm, thanks, I think.

  • Jody: (referring to the Elimination Challenge) What makes this a challenge is, you know, it's like interrupted sex. We cook for an hour and a half, and then we have to stop. You know, by that time, how can you climax?

  • Susur: Critics either give you a clap, or they give you a slap. But maybe they do not understand different culture. Those kind of thing really bugs my ass!

  • Maria: These guys, they've been cooking for a long time! When they were opening up their restaurants, I was probably in the high school parking lot smoking, not inhaling... things.

Notes (1)

  • Also Featured: Stephen Hamilton - Food Photographer, Quickfire Judge

Trivia (1)

  • First Run Fan Poll: What do you think about people taking pictures of their food? A. Food is art 73% B. Just eat it 27% (all percentages are as of the end of the initial broadcast.)