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    In which the producers prove a cooking competition doesn't require cooking, and loathsome Sarah is proved to be a cross between a mean girl and a 3-year-old.

    By layle1, Feb 25, 2012

    Yes, I know there was cooking, but at this level of the competition it was not what I considered final-challenge caliber cooking. How could it be? There were hardly any ingredients to work with. The stunts some low-level producer came up with for this episode, at least I hope it wasn't Cutforth or Lipsitz, belonged back at the beginning of the season if they had to be used. I'm here to say that they really didn't have to be used. The fact Paul was the only reason Sarah or Bev had enough food to cook with in the second event speaks loudly to its poor planning. The fact Sarah and/or Lindsay were chosen over Bev speaks clearly to the bias against the Last Chance Kitchen concept or the judges being swayed by emotion. More on that below.

    On to Sarah, the two-faced bitch of the Midwest (to be clear, I don't use the pejorative lightly. In fact, I usually use it for males being catty, because I don't like it used for females, but some women just deserve the label). In the scripted comment she claims she went home and decided to be really nice when she came back. Cut to the car, and she and Lindsay are back to their same tricks. Sarah doing the mean acts -- in this case cutting off Bev's experience of Last Chance Kitchen -- and Lindsay egging her on with understanding smiles because they have such a "connection." Ugh. No, really, I mean ugh. If I hear one more time from either one of them, scripted or unscripted, about their special connection and how they don't want to go to the final without each other I will heave. Next up is the events in which Sarah continues the mean-girl grimaces and glares whenever Bev is complimented on her dishes.

    The final event is, of course, Sarah vs. Bev. They have to cross-country ski for the first part, and Sarah has the audacity to blame Bev for causing her to fall. Well, numbnuts, Bev was already on the ground before you passed her. This means you had the responsibility to swerve around her. Moving forward to Judges' Table is where the infant surfaces, or rather her manipulative game plan. Everybody else acted professionally while being judged, but not Sarah. More to the point, she wasn't actually crying. She just let one lone tear trickle down her right cheek for effect.

    So, Sarah's wish is granted and she moves on to the semifinal. In her ecstasy, all is forgiven and she comes back to the kitchen, gives Bev a pouty face, hugs her and says she's so glad they got to cook together and have the experience together, and that it was very special to her. Then she cups both of Bev's cheeks with her hands and says, "You're amazing." I kid you not. Never buy anything from this woman, she lies with a straight face and apparently has no conscience.moreless

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