Fire and Ice

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Quotes (1)

  • (Floyd wanders between the workstations during the Quickfire, looking for ingredients.)
    Floyd Cardoz: We have the salt over here? (stops and looks at Takashi's station) Oh, what is this, a Asian grocery store over here? You take everything that everybody needs?
    Anita Lo: Oh, I'm sorry, honey.
    Floyd Cardoz: Not you, not you. Look at this guy.
    Anita Lo: Funny.
    Floyd Cardoz: (to Takashi) You're not getting the money. It's not for you, okay? Just remember that.

Notes (1)

  • Featured Guest Diners:
    > Quang Dang – Executive Chef, West Restaurant
    > Angus An – Chef/Owner, Maenam
    > Vikram Vij – Chef/Owner, Vij's Restaurant
    > Rob Holland – Executive Chef, The Daniel Group